7T launches Foundation Program to propel startups forward with innovative mobile apps & custom software

7T launches Foundation Program to propel startups forward with innovative mobile apps & custom software

Published: 10-03-2021 14:41:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4272 | Tags:

Cutting-edge Dallas software development company 7T, Inc. has officially re-launched its Foundation Program, designed to provide startups with an actionable implementation plan for the development of a custom mobile app or software platform.

Shane Long, President, 7T: "A startup may approach us with a really innovative idea, but they lack the documentation and specifics they need to get funded. So we work with the client to develop a requirements document with a tight value proposition, clear ROI and solid go-to-market strategy. That's the foundation of a successful development project. At the conclusion of the Foundation Program, clients will have a solid understanding of how the development process works. But more importantly, they'll have a kind of project road map for prospective investors. It's one thing to have an innovative idea. But investors want to see wireframes, mockups and they need a solid sense of ROI before they invest in a project. We've launched over 100 different platforms for well-established companies and we've worked with multiple successful startups. This experience places 7T in a wonderful position to guide prospective clients, particularly those who are tasked with getting a project off the ground and instilling confidence in investors."

The 8- to 12-week program is designed to get the client's ideas onto paper in the form of a software requirements document (SRD), which is used to guide the development process. The SRD includes a detailed overview of the project's scope and phases, technical specifications, budget, design considerations, hardware specs, performance and security requirements, potential challenges or obstacles and even scaling and evolution considerations for the future.

7T has built over 100 mobile applications and software platforms since its inception in 2012. Founded by Kishore Khandavalli, 7T has worked with dozens of companies and organizations, including many successful startups — including one company that recently sold with a valuation of over $10 million. Startups are invited to schedule a free consultation and apply here.