A100x launches venture fund to advance blockchain and emerging technologies for impact

A100x launches venture fund to advance blockchain and emerging technologies for impact

Published: 03-03-2021 10:03:15 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 899 | Tags:

Early-stage investor A100x announced the launch of a rolling venture fund committed to investing in companies that apply blockchain, AI and other emerging technologies to promote environmental, social and economic impact. A100x will specifically focus on verticals including food and drug supply chains, healthcare, climate, and financial services (democratization of capital and fractionalization of illiquid assets). 

The fund is run by Alex Bulkin, Co-founder of CoinFund and a former technologist at Goldman Sachs, and Nisa Amoils, Grasshopper Capital and Scout Ventures alum, securities and corporate lawyer, and digital asset columnist and a host of other digital asset programs. A100x's advisory board includes Sandra FamiletRumi MoralesKenny RoweNitin Gaur and Kevin Goldstein, who are all known executives in the blockchain sector. In the past, the A100x team has invested in many successful important sector companies including Dapper Labs, Messari, Protego Trust, CoinlistSecuritize, Staked, BlockFi, Cadence and others. 

A100x promotes diversity and inclusion by reserving a number of the fund's investor places for women and minorities and enabling them to invest at a lower minimum. It combines a social impact mission, a deep technological know-how, a value-add media platform and a rare regulatory and risk expertise that will help portfolio companies.

In 2020, AngelList launched a rolling venture fund product to automate and expedite the fund creation process and, thereby, facilitate investment to early stage companies. The fund structure enables fund managers to raise new capital commitments regularly and invest as they go, ergo the "rolling" aspect.  With A100x, fund investors will benefit from the optionality to increase or discontinue further investment at the end of their subscription period.

Nisa Amoils, Managing Partner, A100x: "We are excited that we can bring a more diverse investor base into this fund and asset class. We are united with AngelList on the democratization of venture capital and capital formation. We want to provide access to investors to a diverse portfolio with exposure to companies leveraging blockchain technology for impact across industries, not just in financial services."

Alex Bulkin, Managing Partner, A100x: "We are thrilled to launch A100x and invest in founders that understand innovation and are working to apply new technologies such as blockchain to solve pressing problems that were previously untenable. Our goal is to find and support truly disruptive and impactful ideas, while remaining realistic and diligent concerning technical feasibility and market fit. The fund will give our investors exposure to early stage companies that will create significant economic and social value over the next few years."