AI startup Bodbox's workout device goes global

AI startup Bodbox's workout device goes global

Published: 28-05-2021 13:49:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 813 | Tags:

AI startup company Bodbox officially opened doors to a limited pre-sale of its American made Mark3 to notable success, selling to everyone from national governing bodies of sport to NBA teams, and is slated for a September 2021 public release.

The product is a hand-held device that leverages pose recognition and other advanced technologies to create an optimal and customized workout based on an individual's goals and movement. The hardware boasts one of the latest chips from hailed GPU company Nvidia, as well as a camera that pans and tilts, tracking each of the user's movements at the gym, at home, or anywhere for that matter. Its portability and well-informed training software make it the perfect workout companion - one that takes an interesting shift from less portable and AI-lacking options in the space. Its data streams are equally invaluable to coaches and trainers.

Chuck Katis, Founder and  President, Bodbox: "The first BODbx was designed to revolutionize the way athletes gather data about their training, using positional movement analysis to gain a better understanding of workouts. Years of research later, we're finally ready to go to market with a device that could change the way humans train forever. We've updated to the most cutting-edge hardware, and we've consulted with the greatest coaches in the world, many previous Olympic staffers, while designing the training algorithms that select workouts and provide feedback. These are some of the reasons why the growing company has been approached by the likes of Athletic, Inc. and NBA squads, the portable movement data collected by the BODbx is unlike any existing modality.

By September 2021, the company is slated for implementation of their technology in the most tech- forward training centers in Singapore. Moreover, it begins shipping product to its consumer purchasers and coaches who are equally excited to get their hands on the technology. "This technology represents a jump forward for our training group, allowing previously unavailable movement data to influence our training decisions, all in a portable form factor," said Carl de Vries, founder of Athletic Inc., one of BODbx's earliest users.

While in-depth information on the type of feedback and guidance a user receives has been notably kept close to the company's chest, it is clear that pose analysis allows for everything from measures of fatigue to specific details about how an individual's body should be moving in order to correct form. Expect to see calorie counts, reps, and other usual suspects after your workout, too, not to mention the daily workout optimization algorithm. For now, customers must anxiously await the September 2021 ship date. 

Bodbox was founded by American record-holding swimmer, magician, and creator Chuck Katis. After attending both Harvard and Cal Berkeley, Katis sought a method to optimize his own professional training. What began as a kick-starter project is now a collaborative effort of a team of 10 working tirelessly toward the goal of "perfect" training. The mission is to help bring groundbreaking insight to existing training programs while simultaneously providing world-class personalized training to the public in a portable, approachable, and fashionable way.