Bechtel partners with climatetech startup incubator Greentown Labs to drive energy transition in Houston

Bechtel partners with climatetech startup incubator Greentown Labs to drive energy transition in Houston

Published: 26-04-2021 13:30:43 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 109 | Tags:

Bechtel announced partnership with Greentown Labs in Houston, the city's first-ever climatetech startup incubator, to drive energy transition in Houston. Greentown Labs is expanding to the energy capital of the world to be an on-the-ground catalyst for accelerating the energy transition and wants to help the City of Houston reach its 2050 goals through the deployment of existing and new climatetech solutions. 

Paul Marsden, President of Oil, Gas, and Chemicals, Bechtel: "Energy transition to a lower carbon future will be achieved through collaboration, shared experiences, and advances in technology and innovative solutions. Our partnership with Greentown Labs offers a fantastic opportunity to bring together the energy community, thought leaders, and our next-generation innovators in a creative and energizing way to jointly take on the environmental challenges our world is faced with. We look forward to developing new paths forward to a cleaner, greener, safer and fairer future for all."

Emily Reichert, CEO, Greentown Labs: "Five years ago, climate change wasn't a topic among many conversations in Houston. Things have changed. Houston is buzzing with incredible climatetech startups, world-leading energy organizations, and a thriving investment community. At Greentown Houston we aim to bring the ecosystem together and collaborate toward our decarbonized future."

Energy plays a key role in promoting social and economic progress, and technological advancements have created new opportunities to improve how we bring power to communities worldwide. Bechtel customers are accelerating their efforts to reduce carbon emissions and achieve a future of net zero emissions. Today, more than half of global gross domestic product is produced in countries and regions that have committed to decarbonization targets.

Bechtel shares this sense of urgency. As the world continues to seek efficient ways to transition to alternative sources of energy, we are providing our customers with effective ways to contribute to a clean energy future.