Cellular agriculture startup Wildtype launches salmon in sushi restaurants

Cellular agriculture startup Wildtype launches salmon in sushi restaurants

Published: 17-09-2020 12:07:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 434 | Tags:

Cellular agriculture startup Wildtype has unveiled its latest cell-based salmon. This version is "sushi-grade" and crafted with the sushi industry's favorite raw salmon applications in mind. Like Wildtype's earlier batches, this salmon sushi is made with genuine coho salmon cells, grown in a brewery-like system. The sushi industry is asking for a new source of seafood with highly sustainable and transparent supply chains.

Aryé Elfenbein, MD, Ph.D., Wildtype's Chief Scientist said: "We're creating sushi with cells from one of the world's favorite fish, without needing to take fish from the ocean.''

Justin Kolbeck, Wildtype's CEO said: "Although farmed salmon now comprises two-thirds of the salmon we consume, wild fish stocks are still declining. We believe the 21st century will require new seafood options that are better for us and the planet. Wildtype's cell-based salmon sushi is just the beginning.''

Wildtype plans to sell its salmon to sushi restaurants and eventually retail stores around the country, although COVID-19 has required food companies to be agile with their strategic plans.

  • Wildtype is developing sushi-grade salmon for use in rolls, nigiri, and sashimi. Its products can be cooked in a variety of ways, as well as consumed raw.
  • The company is expanding its chef advisory board by welcoming additional sushi industry leaders to guide the development of current and future product lines. Interested members from the sushi community may express their interest to chefs@wildtypefoods.com.
  • Wildtype updated its branding, which includes a new logo and visual identity, while shortening the brand name from two words to one.