CerraCap Ventures invests in biopharma AI startup Totient

CerraCap Ventures invests in biopharma AI startup Totient

Published: 05-01-2021 14:48:32 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1025 | Tags:

CerraCap Ventures announced its third health-tech investment in Totient, an artificial intelligence-driven drug discovery platform that identifies and harnesses human-derived antibodies from individuals with exceptional immune responses.

Operating at the intersection of traditional biotechnology and AI, Totient's platform has analyzed the immune repertoire of over 50,000 patients to identify high affinity antibodies against known and novel tissue-specific targets. Totient has demonstrated an ability to correctly assemble antibodies from bulk patient RNA sequencing data, without the need for specialized single-cell or antibody sequencing. The company's mission is to build deepest library of disease-derived tissue-specific immunogenic antigens and fully human antibodies.

Vikas Datt, Partner, CerraCap Ventures: "Totient combines machine learning with the natural learning and evolution happening within the human body in order to do antibody discovery at a massive scale. Under the leadership of CEO Deniz Kural, PhD and CBO James Sietstra who are seasoned entrepreneurs with a track record of life science deals, Totient is well positioned to partner with companies developing cell therapies, ADCs, and bispecific to meet its mission."

Deniz Kural, CEO, Totient: "Over the last two years our team built and validated a unique population-scale discovery platform to assemble high-affinity antibodies from tissues affected by autoimmunity, infections, and cancer. With the support of our investors like CerraCap we intend to advance a subset of our proprietary antibodies into the clinic while pursuing a broad and flexible partnering strategy for other candidates in parallel."