Chicago-based startup Push raises $1m seed round to fuel mobile game that pays real prize money

Chicago-based startup Push raises $1m seed round to fuel mobile game that pays real prize money

Published: 23-02-2021 08:32:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1633 | Tags:

Chicago-based startup Push closed a $1 million dollar round led by JBL Energy Partners & private investors, to fuel its live app played by tens of thousands of people, vying to win actual cash.

Jason Lane, Founder, JBL Energy Partners: "This is an incredibly talented team with a disruptive product. We are excited about our investment in Push as well as the hypergrowth we are seeing."

Unlike other games that require users to develop a level of skill to win, Push works like a contest. Anyone, regardless of background or knowledge level, has a chance to participate and win. To get started, users simply download the app from the app store and "Push" a button once it's activated. What's the catch? The only way to know when the button is active is for the users' to continue to stare at their screens. This presents quite the opportunity for potential sponsors & advertisers.  While waiting for the game to crown a winner, users can "Push" for a chance to win additional prizes, learn fun facts, and more.

Muhammed Hussain, Founder, Push: "Our first winner, Brittany, was a woman in need from Wisconsin. As many people did during Covid, she fell behind on her medical bills. After her Push, she was so excited to be able to receive the $500 prize right away. It brought us to tears to have that kind of immediate impact, to see what it could do. It's a great feeling to be able to give back during the pandemic. People really need the money."

Rehan Hussain, Founder, Push: "We've created a unique platform where 70,000 users are staring & engaging with our screen. This creates amazing opportunities for potential sponsors & advertisers."

As far as monetizing the app, Push is looking into brand & sponsor integrations rather than flooding the users with banner ads. Push quietly launched 6 months ago and now commands an audience of over 70,000 users. The Push button has already been 'Pushed' over 30 million times.