DemandSage secures $3 million funding to improve sales and marketing data

DemandSage secures $3 million funding to improve sales and marketing data

Published: 18-09-2020 12:33:42 | By: Bob Koigi | hits: 3025 | Tags:

Demand Sage, a US-based revenue operations startup built on Google Sheets, has raised a $3 million Seed round led by Eniac Ventures and Underscore VC. Demand Sage unlocks the power of a company’s SaaS data by seamlessly compiling SaaS revenue data into spreadsheets. This enables turnkey reporting capabilities that help companies automate their revenue operations and analytics.

The company is led by the founders of Localytics, the mobile analytics & messaging company that was acquired by Upland Software in February 2020.

Raj Aggarwal, Cofounder & CEO, Demand Sage: “The business intelligence tools we built at Localytics had an outsized impact on growth for large enterprises. However, a traditional business intelligence stack was cost prohibitive for small and mid-sized companies. Demand Sage bypasses the need for this infrastructure by automatically pulling data and upleveling your reporting directly in Google Sheets.”

Demand Sage is fully integrated with HubSpot and is one of its fastest growing apps. With just one click, Demand Sage’s no-code tools enable customized reporting and analysis.

Vinayak Ranade, CEO, Drafted: “With every sales and marketing tool I’ve used, eventually you give up and export data to a spreadsheet to dig into the numbers. Demand Sage is like having a Google Sheets power-user that automatically makes the spreadsheets that you really want to see.”

In addition, Demand Sage unlocks data and intelligence not available in HubSpot.

Kevin Heraly, Sales & Operations Manager, DriverReach: “The Report Library opened my eyes to data I didn't realize even existed. Even better, Demand Sage makes it incredibly easy to visualize and manipulate data, and the insights we’ve gained have already impacted our bottom line.”

Demand Sage’s rapid early growth underscores the need for powerful and flexible spreadsheet-first intelligence tools.Expansion plans include adding ML-driven insights and integration with Salesforce and other SaaS apps.