Dutch startup Aiosyn raises €2m to develop AI-powered algorithms to support pathologists with clinical diagnostics

Dutch startup Aiosyn raises €2m to develop AI-powered algorithms to support pathologists with clinical diagnostics

Published: 22-12-2022 11:50:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4319 | Tags:

 Aiosyn, a diagnostics platform that uses artificial intelligence to support pathologists with more accurate and efficient clinical diagnostics, raised an investment round of €2 million, led by Health Innovations together with Oost NL and LUMO Labs, to further develop its platform and accelerate the time to market.

Pathology is indispensable in the diagnostic process of many diseases, such as cancer. This often includes the examination of tissue after a biopsy. The field of pathology is now moving towards a digital workflow in which tissue biopsies are scanned and examined on the computer. This also enables the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to support the diagnostic process. Aiosyn’s algorithms will work in close synergy with pathologists to address the growing workload and the demand to further improve diagnostic precision.

Patrick de Boer, CEO and co-founder, Aiosyn: “The field of pathology is challenged by a growing workload and a shortage of pathologists. Aiosyn develops algorithms that work in close synergy with pathologists to improve the digital pathology workflow and clinical diagnostic tasks. With this investment, we can accelerate our first product launch and lay the foundation for the future product roadmap. We’re happy that existing investors Oost NL and LUMO labs and now Health Innovations support us during this journey.”

Last year Aiosyn has worked on developing two algorithms and setting up its certification process. Recently they achieved ISO:13485 certification as a first step towards developing high-quality AI-based medical devices.

Sven Bakkes, Partner, LUMO Labs: “We have noticed an uptake of AI in the healthcare industry in 2022. It is great to see the Aiosyn team making substantial progress and reaching this major milestone, securing this new round after our initial investment through the TTT.AI pre-seed fund. It will allow them to take the essential next steps on their way to make an impact on healthcare professionals and patients. We’ll be there to support them.”

Yvonne Sijm, Investment Manager, Health Innovations: “We believe that digital innovations enable the future of healthcare. Pathology plays an increasingly important role in many patient journeys. The solutions developed by Aiosyn support pathologists in providing high-quality decision-making. Aiosyn prepares the labor-intensive routine pathology tasks so that the pathologist can focus on the more interesting and complex tasks. This way, computational pathology not only makes life easier for pathologists, it also helps in addressing the scarcity challenges.”

Björn Schaap, Investment Manager, Oost NL: “Aiosyn’s pioneering platform technology has the potential to push the boundaries within pathology. Making the diagnosis of diseases more accurate, timely, and relevant, increases efficiency and gives the pathologist more time to focus on complex analyses. Therefore, it is my belief that the algorithms the Aiosyn team, a spin-out from Radboudumc, is developing will benefit patients. The tremendous development Aiosyn has made in the last year solidifies this belief, and for this reason, the company has the support of Oost NL.”