Fact.MR redefines the way startups access market research

Fact.MR redefines the way startups access market research

Published: 21-04-2021 12:54:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 2436 | Tags:

The number one reason for startup failure isn't lack of funding or stiff competition. The main reason is 'misreading market demand'. Therefore, it becomes important for startups to thoroughly research the market.

Market research has long been regarded as a scientific, process-oriented discipline for gaining key insights. However, for most startups, accessing quality market research remains a challenge. Addressing this challenge head-on is Dubai-based market research and consulting firm Fact.MR. Through its exclusive subscription model for startups, Fact.MR has become the go-to market research company for small businesses.

Sudip Saha, Co-founder of Fact.MR: "Startups that use our reliable market insights prime themselves for success in the long run. Effective market research guides startups on what can be achieved and how to achieve it. Agility is critical to operate in a startup environment. Startups often need insights quickly, and that's why our AI-powered database Market Ngage is an apt solution. Big conglomerates have pre-approved marketing budgets, which is not the case for startups, especially those that are bootstrapped. Therefore, we have unique subscription models designed exclusively for startups and small businesses."

Fact.MR also offers startups access to the world's largest AI-powered market database - Market Ngage. This AI-powered database provides real-time access to millions of data points, market research reports, competitive landscape analysis, and market projections.

Fact.MR currently serves startups across a range of sectors - automotive, food & beverage, healthcare, ICT, industrial goods, chemicals & materials, and retail. Whether a business is looking for global automotive market research or needs granular, country-level healthcare market intelligence, Fact.MR provides the apt solution.

Since its inception, Fact.MR has catered to over 5,000 organizations around the globe. While Fortune 1,000 companies make up a sizeable share of Fact.MR's clientele, its startup focused market research solutions are the firm's USP.