Former Mastercard President launches Global PayTech Ventures

Former Mastercard President launches Global PayTech Ventures

Published: 29-01-2021 11:28:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4999 | Tags:

The former President of Mastercard Europe, Javier Perezannounced the launch of Global PayTech Ventures (GPT), the first venture capital firm focused exclusively on ground-breaking payment technology.

"We believe payment technology has the ability to transform the way the world transfers value," said Perez. "The payments industry is undergoing radical changes and there are many complexities to navigate. We understand, better than anyone else, how to enable paytech entrepreneurs to deliver transformative solutions and achieve large-scale success. With our unmatched paytech expertise, ample funding and global network of contacts, I'm excited to establish Global Paytech Ventures as the ideal partner for outstanding young paytech companies. Our goal is to help them deliver disruptive technologies, scale their business and achieve market success."

GPT will invest in paytech startups with differentiated technologies that meet massive market demand within the payments ecosystem. The firm focuses on early stage paytech companies usually looking to raise seed, Series A, or Series B rounds where they can fund a portion of the round with the opportunity to provide guidance and influence strategic direction. 

Founded by Javier Perez and his sons, Daniel Perez and Kristofer ('Kriffy') Perez, the firm collectively represents decades of payment industry experience and offers young paytech companies unrivaled insights, expertise and growth potential. The team has worked with dozens of innovative, early stage paytech companies on a range of projects, and in a variety of geographies.

With a lifelong career in the payments industry, including nearly two decades as President of Mastercard Europe, Javier Perez is a globally-recognized expert at developing innovative paytech concepts and bringing them to market. Javier's global network of industry contacts is extensive and can provide tremendous value to GPT's partner companies.

While Javier provides vast 'top-down' expertise and a global perspective to paytech companies, Kriffy and Daniel, round out GPT's offering by providing the technical 'bottom-up' expertise necessary to help paytech companies create value at scale. Kriffy Perez leads strategic advisory at GPT, while Daniel Perez is responsible for sourcing, on-boarding and harmonizing paytech entrepreneurs with GPT's framework for global success.

GPT's unique value proposition lies in the firm's ability to provide highly specialized paytech expertise, critical growth capital and an exceptional network of global contacts. The GPT team will leverage their resources and their experience as entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors to provide hands-on support to their partner companies.