German traveltech startup Omio launches 'Open Travel Index' to navigate new travel era

German traveltech startup Omio launches 'Open Travel Index' to navigate new travel era

Published: 19-08-2020 14:23:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 5011 | Tags:

Europe’s leading multi-modal travel booking platform Omio is reigniting travel by launching a new online resource to help travellers easily understand where they can travel to within Europe.

Once borders reopen, one of the biggest challenges facing international travel will be the significant regulatory differences that exist between countries. The biggest question on travellers’ minds will be “Where can I go safely?” Omio’s new interactive discovery tool helps users to find answers by providing easy access to the latest available insights as they cross borders, change flights, buses, trains and ferries or move within national regions which may be operating according to varying standards.

Omio’s Open Travel Index allows users to gain insight into how different countries have responded to the pandemic, and how quickly the travel restrictions are being lifted. For example, users can see at a glance:

  • Where you can travel to based on country of origin
  • Overall status regarding travel into and within a particular country
  • Whether non-residents are permitted access
  • Travel rules and safety regulations to follow when travelling within a country
  • Provider travel policies, safety measures and refund information


Justin Wang, Director of Brand at Omio said: “As travel makes its comeback, Omio has recognised its own responsibility to help not just its customers but the industry as a whole. We wanted to create a tool knowing that each country is working at their own pace to lift restrictions, and the first question on everyone's minds is 'where can I go safely?' With so much information out there being updated at different times, we hope the Omio Open Travel Index will help travellers feel confident and safe to travel, and most importantly inspire travel in our hearts again.”

Providing the necessary intel to fast-track the return of travel Omio’s user-friendly interactive map provides peace of mind, showing where you can go based on departure country, with a simple to use travel light system that will colour-code destinations by:

  • Restricted - lockdown or essential travel only with paperwork
  • Partial opening - non-essential travel with certain safety requirements
  • Fully open - without restrictions


Within the providers’ section, travellers will be able to review specific measures that might apply across more than 50 travel providers, such as compulsory wearing of face masks, or certification of fitness for travel. Safety measures put in place by providers along with updated booking and cancellation policies will also be held on the hub, updated weekly, to make it as simple as possible for people to get back on the move with confidence. Omio will be leveraging its travel planning platform, Rome2rio, for its proven expertise in sourcing, curating and synthesising transport data worldwide.

Given the changeable nature of travel restrictions at this time, Rome2rio has expanded its focus to collect the latest country restriction and safety measure information within Europe. They have built the data to understand country-to-country dependencies in order to help the customer easily understand how this impacts them. Rome2rio will be updating the information on a regular basis to ensure results are timely and accurate enabling travellers to make informed decisions. They plan to expand this information globally in the coming weeks.