GreenTec invests in Cameroon digital farm startup Freshbag

GreenTec invests in Cameroon digital farm startup Freshbag

Published: 11-09-2020 08:28:33 | By: Bob Koigi | hits: 727 | Tags:

GreenTec has announced its investment in Freshbag, an innovative digital Cameroon platform that connects farmers and vendors to ensure a fair and reliable food supply network.

Leveraging on their network and in-depth experience in the industry, Freshbag buys from farmers and suppliers at fair market prices and dispatches the products to thousands of street vendors in cities across Cameroon.

 To further strengthen the ecosystem, Freshbag is offering micro loans and technical assistance to partner farmers, distributors, and vendors.

Currently, Freshbag is operating in Yaoundé, working with more than 700 vendors and 2000 farmers in the area. Moreover, Freshbag was able to grow and manage a reliable and easily expandable network of distributors that will help extend their reach and widen the range of available products in the near future.

Xavier Chapel, Senior Company Builder, GreenTec Capital Partners:“Investing in Freshbag is straightforward for GreenTec Capital. Brice and his team succeeded in creating their platform and the ecosystem in a few months, bringing real added value for agriculture cooperatives and street vendors in Yaoundé. With our support we believe Freshbag will boost its presence in Cameroon and in western Africa.”

Brice Mvogo, CEO, Freshbag: “We are of course pretty excited. Thanks to Greentec Partnership, we now have a real opportunity to go into growth mode, scale our operations and ultimately create a bigger impact for the millions of street vendors across Africa. A dream now closer to become a reality”