Hologram startup Proto secures investment from Christie’s Ventures to accelerate growth

Hologram startup Proto secures investment from Christie’s Ventures to accelerate growth

Published: 21-12-2022 07:57:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 3721 | Tags:

Proto, the original hologram device and platform, announced that Christie's Ventures has invested in the company, solidifying the bonds of their successful collaborations.

This year saw several high profile uses of Proto technology by Christie’s linked to auctions, including the display of artworks by Degas, Giacometti and the Lalannes, and presentations by Christie’s curators and execs in hologram form. Proto provides a way to make more art work more accessible to more people globally, in a safe and sustainable way. The patented hologram devices also provide a vital new way to present digital art works.

Christie’s Ventures is a new enterprise engaging with earlier stage companies through direct investment and both brand support and market access. It helps startups to accelerate their build-out and adoption, while simultaneously advancing Christie’s leadership in the ecosystem around fine art and luxury goods. Christie’s Ventures will start by exploring three broad categories: Web3.0 innovation, art related financial products and solutions and technologies that enable seamless consumption of art.

Devang Thakkar, Global Head, Christie’s Ventures: "It has been exciting to see David and his team’s vision come to life via their various product lines, the Epic and most recently the M. Our teams have been able to work very closely together to apply this powerful technology to bring a delightful experience for the first time ever into the art market."

Christie’s has used Proto in several different ways. The auction house has shown digital art pieces, such as the Friendsies collection of NFTs which was auctioned in March. Christie’s has also used Proto as a way to display important physical art works at global exhibition spaces, lifelike and lifesize, without the risk, expense, and carbon impact associated with shipping. By beaming Edgar Degas’ Petite danseuse de quatorze ans to London, San Francisco and Hong Kong ahead of the important Collection of Anne H. Bass auction in May, the delicate materials that are part of the bronze sculpture were more carefully preserved. 

Two pieces by Alberto Giacometti have benefitted from a Proto hologram world tour: La Femme qui marche from the Hubert de Givenchy Collection auction and Femme de Venise III from the record breaking auction Visionary: The Paul G. Allen Collection.

Most recently Christie’s used the new, smaller Proto M to display multiple bronze works by François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne in Hong Kong to preview the successful auction in New York City  of The Collection of Marie Lalanne in November. The Proto M is designed to fit in more versatile spaces and for many use cases for telecommunications, art, retail, telehealth, education, entertainment, gaming and more. 

David Nussbaum, Inventor and CEO, Proto: ''Having Christie’s as a customer is spectacular, but having them as a partner is a dream come true. Christie’s is one of the pioneers in the use of Proto holograms, and they keep innovating with projects that are pro-environment, and that enable people around the globe  to experience major masterpieces. With this key investment, Proto is more determined than ever to continue our goal of connecting the world.''

Proto was founded in 2019, is a four time CES honoree, and has received backing from tech pioneer Tim Draper (Tesla, SpaceX, Skype, Twitch), Mike Walsh (Uber, Salesforce) and TRUE Capital Management as well as tech savvy celebrities such as Sean Combs and Howie Mandel. The company has raised $20 million of financing to date in its seed and Series A rounds.  Proto was shown at Christie’s Art + Tech Summit in 2021 and has been used by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, the Museum of the City of New York, the Haas Brothers, many major NFT events, and across dozens of Art Basel Miami events for two years in a row.