Indian tech startup Mokusei announces $500 Press Challenge

Indian tech startup Mokusei announces $500 Press Challenge

Published: 04-03-2021 10:29:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1855 | Tags:

Social impact & education centric tech startup Mokusei Intelligence (Mokusei), which funds & sponsors up to 100% of education or travel expenses of people, is on the lookout for talented communicators for their upcoming projects. To seek out some of the best untapped, undiscovered storytellers out there, Mokusei announced its FIRST ever '$500 Press Challenge'

'$500 Press Challenge' entries are open until 31 May, 2021. This challenge is open to all including Journalists, Audio & Video Podcast Hosts, & Bloggers from all over the world. Applicants can be from any country, race, religion, or gender. Mokusei encourages diversity & inclusion. Applicants can visit here to study and understand the Mokusei Model based on the information available on the website and internet.

Applicants must then write articles or create media to explain to people what and Mokusei are about based on whatever relevant information they glean and understand from the website. The work or created piece can be in text, video, or audio format. Applicants cannot take any help or cannot seek any support & clarifications from the Mokusei Founder or Team for designing & creating their submission or work.

Applicants need to publish their work or creation online on platforms or accounts of their choice as part of the challenge with the hashtags #mokusei #mokuseiintelligence #theworldisaschool #vallued #aivallued. Once the work is published, a link to the published work must be submitted to within 24 hours of publication.

Mokusei will extend work offers, or offer freelance and consulting contracts, to individuals and teams who ace the Challenge as per the needs and requirements of future projects -- and the winners of this challenge will receive an award of $500. Apart from the TOP $500 Award, the immediate next 5 shortlisted entries will get an award of $100 each. Applicants can submit entries as individuals or as a team. There is no upper limit or cap on the number of entries.Details and rules of the '$500 Press Challenge' can be found here.

Journalists or Media Persons interested in knowing more about Mokusei's future plans, or who seek exclusive sneak peeks into the UI of the upcoming app, or who want to get to know Mokusei better for any stories, articles, or interviews may reach out to Ashish Bohora, Founder of Mokusei intelligence, directly.

These individuals, however, will not be eligible for Mokusei's '$500 Press Challenge' as per rules, guidelines, and policies for the announced Challenge.