International startup accelerator NUMA New York rebrands to WEVE Accelerator

International startup accelerator NUMA New York rebrands to WEVE Accelerator

Published: 28-01-2022 11:16:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1547 | Tags:

NUMA New York, a fixture in the New York venture capital ecosystem for the past decade, announced new ownership and a new name; WEVE Accelerator. 

Frances Simowitz who has led the New York office for the Paris-based NUMA, becomes CEO and chairman of the board of WEVE Accelerator with her business partner and company Co-founder Giulia Imperatrice as COO.

Also, WEVE has announced five new companies participating in the firm's winter cohort program: A/B Smartly (Portugal), a knowledge-based experimentation platform for fast-paced product and development teams; Licel (England), a mobile app security app that protects Android, iOS and Java apps and SDKs against static/dynamic attacks, reverse engineering, malware injection and communication interception; MaxWhere (Hungary), a visualization platform for consolidating all management and operative tools for efficiency and actionability in the enterprise metaverse; Ondato (Lithuania), a complete compliance management suite for KYC procedure, and Vanongo (Ukraine), an AI based last-mile platform that unlocks high-quality, on-demand delivery functions for companies of all sizes.

WEVE is a specialist in acceleration programs to support U.S. market entry of early and growth-stage international companies. Among its more than one hundred alumni companies are such global success stories as Zig Zag (U.K.), acquired for $70 million; Locus (India), which raised $79 million; Kompany (Austria), which raised $7.3 million, and Cultura Colectiva (Mexico), which has grown to become one of the largest media brands in Latin America.

Frances Simowitz, Founder and CEO, WEVE Acceleration: "Our new corporate brand means a few key things. First, we now have the opportunity to double down and entirely focus on the mission we've been building for the past five years, supporting global innovators with new market entry. It also means the company is now 100 percent women-owned, an achievement we're very proud of. Our team chose the name WEVE Acceleration to reflect our role in creating connections and weaving our client entrepreneurs into U.S. market ecosystems. If written as a contraction, the brand means 'We have,' and indeed, everything we do is about what we build together, what we have together with our clients." 

The new name also represents a new look, feel and brand that will carry the company into the future. As a soft-landing accelerator, WEVE gives foreign companies a conduit into the U.S. market by integrating them into the local ecosystem, providing them with insider knowledge, and providing cultural guidance to help streamline the transition and accelerate their growth in the world's most competitive market.