offers early stage startups across the world a free profile interview

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Rules and regulations

  • Here you will find a form with questionnaires. By filling in the questions you will be writing your profile interview

  • We will only publish interviews that meet these conditions:

    • You must fill in enough questions for us to be able to publish a full interview
    • You must write in readable English. Your responses should be in prose form as full sentences, like you are giving an oral interview. DO NOT answer in bullet points.
    • You must have a fully operational website
    • You must be an early stage startup, i.e. you must have either (paying) customers or people actually using your product(s)/service(s). We do NOT publish interviews on scale ups

  • You do not have to answer all questions (but the more you do, the higher the chances of the interview being published)

  • Should we publish your interview, we will make a selection of your answers and will only publish the specific information as indicated in the form

  • If your interview is published, it will be available on this website and in our weekly newsletter

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