Iron Pillar invests $4 million in cloud governance startup CoreStack

Iron Pillar invests $4 million in cloud governance startup CoreStack

Published: 03-12-2020 13:48:26 | By: Bob Koigi | hits: 1007 | Tags:

Iron Pillar, a venture growth investor backing companies built from India, has announced a $4 million investment in CoreStack, a cloud governance and compliance SaaS startup based in Seattle with development in Chennai.

Iron Pillar Fund II is targeting growth stage cloud software companies.

CoreStack announced its $8.5 million Series A in March, 2020 led by Dallas Venture Capital (DVC) with participation from Jim Dubois, former Microsoft CIO, and Abidali Neemuchwala, former Wipro CEO.

The company and its Board decided to create an investment opportunity specifically for Iron Pillar given the value that the Iron Pillar team brought through access to global customers, partners, investors and the Iron Pillar Network. CoreStack will use the funds for continued market expansion.

CoreStack enables enterprises to continuously, securely and autonomously keep their cloud infrastructure compliant with industry standards and regulations while significantly boosting operational efficiencies and reducing costs.

CoreStack has grown over 200% per year over the past three years, adding to its roster of marquee clients across U.S., Europe and India. Enterprise customers leverage CoreStack for their cloud governance and compliance needs, as pre-requisites for broader, large scale cloud adoption and migration.

Ezhilarasan Natarajan, Founder/CEO, CoreStack: "Over the past couple of years, CoreStack has delivered needle-moving value to enterprise companies. Customers see consistent outcomes such as 50% improvement in cloud operational efficiencies, 100% compliance to standards and 40% savings in cloud costs. Iron Pillar came along as the perfect partner to help us expand globally, not only by way of expanded investment interest to Series-A financing, but more importantly by way of introduction to customers, partners and advisors. We're thrilled to be working with Iron Pillar," he added.

Mohanjit Jolly, Partner, Iron Pillar: “We are thrilled to be investing in CoreStack, that has built and delivered world class cloud governance and compliance solutions to a discerning global customer base. To see a company get the sort of traction that CoreStack has, and that too with relatively little capital, is truly rare in the SaaS world. The company is at the leading edge of the cloud-based digital transformation movement that has been accelerated in 2020. The Iron Pillar team looks forward to working closely with CoreStack management and existing investors in creating a differentiated cloud software unicorn.”