Kenyan startup unveils multi -company single log-in cloud solution for HR -payroll consultants

Kenyan startup unveils multi -company single log-in cloud solution for HR -payroll consultants

Published: 13-07-2022 15:30:00 | By: Bob Koigi | hits: 5483 | Tags:

Kenyan software company Crew and HR Payroll has launched a multi-company single log-in innovative HR cloud solution. 

The multi-company log-in module allows an individual consultant or company to manage centralized data, which facilitates payroll processing, pay slip, and report generating for different clients, under one account. 

Crew and HR Payroll Founder and Chief Executive Peter Muchemi says the innovation seeks to help freelance payroll or finance consultants in delivering their services more effectively. 

Peter Muchemi, Founder and CEO, Crew and HR Payroll: “The workplace model as we know it is changing. Crew HR & Payroll is dedicated to leading the way for SMEs as well as freelance payroll, tax, accountants, and finance specialists; best referred to as consultants.”

The solution allows a user to create one parent account and several child accounts. These child accounts will now be accounts of all  different clients. This way, one can run payroll and generate pay slips for each company. 

Peter: “Freelance accountants and payroll specialists have mostly been limited to their geographical location. Especially if they run payroll manually. With this new multi-company log-in module, these consultants can work with clients from all over the country. Increasing the clientele base creates room for more revenue generating opportunities.”

The new system reduces time spent on payroll  as it enables HR consultants to run payroll for all their clients simultaneously. 

The new solution is  an end-to-end encrypted cloud software and will allow users to have all their  clients’ data in one single account and facilitates the ability to switch from client A to client’s B account with a simple stroke of a finger. 

This centralized data management system will make managing users' clients easier. 

Peter: “This feature undoubtedly guarantees general better output for consultants and organizations that service various clients at the same time. Our dedicated team of tech gurus and highly trained experts were compelled to meet the evolving need of personal consultants and consulting firms that run payroll for different companies. The security and confidentiality of your clients’ data is our utmost priority.”