Lithuanian AdTech startup RedTrack raises $500 000 from Genesis Investments and Iron Wolf Capital

Lithuanian AdTech startup RedTrack raises $500 000 from Genesis Investments and Iron Wolf Capital

Published: 03-08-2020 16:18:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 7046 | Tags:

Lithuania based AdTech startup RedTrack has received $500 000 in Seed funding from Genesis Investments and Iron Wolf Capital to make ads spend more efficiently. is a cloud-hosted ad- and traffic-tracking system, which lets users manage affiliate campaigns. It helps automate spending control, and achieve higher marketing performance with smaller budgets. The platform offers extra automation features to protect the budget and secure business. has awards-worthy standards for customer support experience. Each client gets a detailed onboarding, educational materials on using the service, and individual round-the-clock support. According to RedTrack’s internal policies, the operators should respond within a few minutes. The team resolves the problem of any complexity less than in an hour.

The CEO of Vlad Zhovtenko has created a solution to solve complex problems in marketing, advertising, and technology mixed together. Vlad has an impressive 20 years of experience in digital marketing from the rise of banner advertising to the present high-tech analytical solutions era.

As a Genesis Investments’ portfolio company, RedTrack will receive assistance in product development, customer research, talent acquisition, and fundraising.’s team is planning to spend raised money to develop machine learning features and improve ads automation tools. 

Vitaliy Laptenok, General Partner at Genesis Investments commented: "This investment underscores several important trends. Marketing budgets will get smaller but marketers will more closely monitor the effectiveness of every advertising dollar. In the face of such a strong focus on efficiency, the need for an accurate and affordable ad control tool becomes urgent and immediate. This is why we were so excited to back RedTrack.''