Luxury Travel Hackers launches equity crowdfunding campaign for their influencer-based travel startup

Luxury Travel Hackers launches equity crowdfunding campaign for their influencer-based travel startup

Published: 22-12-2021 14:33:03 | By: Bob Koigi | hits: 496 | Tags:

Luxury Travel Hackers (LTH) has launched their regulation crowdfunding raise via popular platform Start Engine.

Turning to an enthusiastic crowd of travelers anxious to once again book exciting domestic and worldwide travel, LTH has decided to offer their users, influencers and anyone with wanderlust around the country the opportunity to invest in the growing brand.

Gary Kohn, Co-founder and CEO, LTH: "We decided after raising our initial seed round via travel industry executives, angel investors and family offices to open up the opportunity to the audience that resonates mostly with what we do."

In early 2021, LTH launched their innovative new approach to booking travel in an ever-changing world. This new age travel solution was designed with the digital user in mind, taking the guesswork out of selecting ideal destinations and arranging travel. Their white glove experience is all-inclusive, taking the traveler from A-Z and saving them hours of potential headaches and back/forth decision making. The LTH team has traveled to 100+ countries, curating some of the most exciting destinations. LTH partners with top travel influencers who actually take the trips they are passionate about and make them available to book via social media.

LTH has compiled recommended vacations via robust social media and story-driven content. Each trip is curated based on the interests and budget of each unique traveler. LTH secured early-stage funding led by board member Thomas B. Mangas of Centerfire Capital LLC. Mangas is the former CEO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide and was responsible for their $13b acquisition by Marriott International in 2016.

Daniel Lannon, CMO, LTH: "We tested the model with some Facebook and Instagram advertisements and saw a lead generation cost 25x lower than industry standard with thousands of people entering our sales funnel and booking trips. Overnight we went from an idea to a quickly growing business."

Katie Warner, Co-founder, LTH: "LTH was created to disrupt an archaic system and to completely change the travel booking landscape. We are offering travel enthusiasts a seamless experience and removing the surprises when making a financial and time investment on your next trip."