Marketing tech startup Worth uses existing customers + data to grow revenue

Marketing tech startup Worth uses existing customers + data to grow revenue

Published: 25-03-2021 09:16:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 2084 | Tags:

Marketing tech startup Worth has built software that identifies a brand's best customers on social media and converts them to marketers by paying them to post organic Instagram stories. Worth tracks metrics such as daily revenue, daily engagement and more, to quantify how effective their marketing campaigns are for their clients.

Patrick Kim, CEO and Founder, Worth:  "We've taken a data-driven approach because we want to ensure that client marketing dollars are spent effectively. We compare daily engagement with next-day revenue to derive a correlation between the two, measuring campaign performance on a day-to-day basis. We see Worth as an industry agnostic product. As long as a brand has people talking about them, we can leverage that. Worth is rapidly expanding to other industries, such as CPG, CBD Products, Health & Wellness and consumer tech apps."

Worth's clientele includes restaurant chains, such as Silverlake Ramen, Pokeworks, EMC Seafood and more. They also work with consumer brands and agencies. 

Charles Hung, Co-founder, EMC Seafood: "Ever since we started with Worth, we've been super happy. They look at historical data and analyze seasonal trends in revenue. They have a location-based approach, which helps analyze the performance of individual locations. In an advertising ecosystem where clicks and impressions are deemed as results, Worth is looking at actual revenue change."