Momi Brands raises $1 million investment to commercialize infant feeding tech

Momi Brands raises $1 million investment to commercialize infant feeding tech

Published: 12-11-2020 14:30:00 | By: Bob Koigi | hits: 1017 | Tags:

MOMI Brands, Inc. has announced has closed a $1 million seed round investment. The company will use the investment to fund the development and commercialization of its patented technologies for an innovative breast pump and an infant feeding system.

Leading the investment were Kapstone Medical and Enventys Partners, two Charlotte, North Carolina firms that have partnered with the company for the development of the breast pump technology.

Louis Foreman, CEO, Enventys: “The key to success is having not only a great product and large market, but also a great team. MOMI checks all the boxes and that is why we are so excited to be an early investor in this opportunity.”

John Kapitan, CEO, Kapstone: “The partnership between MOMI, Enventys, and Kapstone presents a best possible scenario to address a real market opportunity. The combined team has all the key ingredients including the industry knowledge, skilled resources, product commercialization experience, and understanding of the medical and scientific aspects of nursing. Kapstone is excited to be a lead investor in this solution to help mom and baby.”

Also participating in the investment round was the Start100 Fund, a Charlotte-based investment fund that provides capital and strategic marketing support to startup companies preparing to launch consumer products. Tom Ryan, Start100’s General Partner, said, “The Start100 Fund is incredibly proud to add MOMI to our portfolio of mass-appeal, consumer product startups whose disruptive products solve important problems for their customers. We're excited to help MOMI improve the nursing experience for moms and babies worldwide.”

MOMI’s founder and CEO, Carr Lane Quackenbush, formerly led the U.S. division of Medela, a leading global breast pump manufacturer.

Upon retiring from Medela in 2011, Quackenbush believed the industry had yet to deliver a breast pump or infant feeding system that replicated the important biomechanical properties of natural nursing. Returning to his roots as a PhD engineer and inventor, he set about to innovate those products.

Carr Lane Quackenbush, founder and CEO, MOMI:“I really do believe that these products will replicate nature, and will bring the advantages that we set out to bring to market,” Quackenbush said.