Nex Cubed partners with Canadian government to support digital health startups

Nex Cubed partners with Canadian government to support digital health startups

Published: 16-02-2021 10:44:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1682 | Tags:

Nex Cubed, early-stage innovation and startup acceleration, announced a partnership with the Government of Canada to launch the SoCal Tech Highway Digital Health Program to support Canadian Digital Health startups who are interested in expanding their business to the US Market.

The six high-growth Digital Health startups selected to participate in the program span a range of solutions including telehealth, remote patient monitoring, connected devices, clinical decision support, mental and behavioral health, and digital therapeutics. As part of the program, the selected startups are undergoing a series of workshops led by former industry executives to learn how to navigate the highly complex and regulated healthcare industry in the US. Each company is also matched with a dedicated Subject Matter Expert to act as a guide to facilitate navigation through the intricacies of the US healthcare system.

Nick PhillipsDigital Health Program Manager, Nex Cubed: "The companies in this cohort represent Canada's best and brightest for the future of digital health. When speaking with our Subject Matter Experts, who have spent decades building their careers in the healthcare industry, it's clear that they are excited about the prospect of what these technologies can bring to the US." 

Daniel Haders II, Digital Health Managing Director, Nex Cubed: "It's evident that these technologies work because these founders have already built successful businesses in Canada. It's our job to help them commercialize in the US. This exceptional cohort has serviced thousands of customers in the US and Canada and has raised over $14.2 million to date. Our team is thrilled to help another fantastic group of international companies commercialize their technologies in the US market and reach the next level."

Nex Cubed has created a distinguished 17-member Advisory Team that is embedded with the accelerator companies and works with founders on a daily basis. Nex Cubed has also assembled a 51-member Digital Health Investor Advisory Board that is comprised of Tier 1 angel, institutional, and corporate investors from around the world.

Marlon Evans, CEO, Nex Cubed: "This program underscores Nex Cubed's commitment to provide companies from outside the US with the tools, resources, and knowledge required to successfully and affordably scale their business into the US Market. Through our partnership with the Government of Canada, we are able to accelerate the growth and impact of innovative digital health solutions tackling critical issues within the healthcare ecosystem."