Online sales program startup Virtanza closes $1m in private investment funding round

Online sales program startup Virtanza closes $1m in private investment funding round

Published: 21-09-2020 14:26:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 322 | Tags:

Sales2Job Academy, DBA Virtanza, an Orange County-based company that offers higher education a scalable sales training solution directly connected to employers, announced it has raised seed round funding totaling $1 million from private investors.

Debbie Holzkamp, Founder CEO of Virtanza: "Sales is everything." After three decades of experience managing sales teams with Fortune 500 and national companies to achieve more than $1 billion in sales, she set about to develop curriculum and a delivery platform to solve for the long-standing dilemma of training salespeople to fill the hundreds of thousands of open sales positions on any given day. In so doing, Holzkamp brought together a highly experienced management and advisory team of sales, marketing, content and technology development, and education professionals to scale the business model and build significant traction in the education technology space.

Michael Pratt, COO at Virtanza: "The interest from the investment community has been very encouraging, whose own background includes two decades of working with start-ups and venture-financed companies. In fact, we have over-subscribed in this initial round. Investors see our early success, even in this uncertain economy, and are confident in our ability to execute the plan at hand."

To date, Virtanza has successfully introduced its professional sales curriculum recommended for ACE CREDIT® to eleven marque universities and colleges across the nation, including multiple Top 10 Public National Universities. Plugged seamlessly into the individual school's Learning Management System (LMS) and delivered in virtual, synchronous classrooms, the Professional Sales Ready Certificate© is currently offered in for-credit and Continuing Ed formats to diverse audiences of undergraduate and adult learners across the U.S. Curricula focused on Professional Sales Management, One and Two, will launch with multiple schools in coming months, as will a specialized sales program featuring all three curricula.

A Sales Tech Bootcamp and On-Demand materials have also been well received by school leaders, and an Employer Portal scheduled to debut in Q1 2021 will accomplish the team's immediate vision of partnering with universities and employers to deliver high-impact, experiential training to a new generation of sales professionals to fill the hundreds of thousands of open sales positions.