Oslo-based management startup Presail closes $1.6m seed round to revolutionize Web 3.0 investments

Oslo-based management startup Presail closes $1.6m seed round to revolutionize Web 3.0 investments

Published: 02-03-2022 14:38:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 3106 | Tags:

Oslo-based management startup Presail announced the closing of  $1.6 million from a series of reputable venture capital firms and strategic angel investors.

The round was led by Skyfall Ventures, accompanied by Weekend Fund, Global Founders Capital and Kraken Ventures. Also participating in the round are key strategic angel investors, including some of the most influential innovators in Web 3.0.

Espen Malmo, Managing Partner, Skyfall Ventures: “Blockchain technology has made digital ownership a reality. As a natural extension of digital ownership, one of the first and most obvious blockchain use cases has proven to be fundraising. However, in the immature and fast-growing web3 industry tools to efficiently and securely manage early-stage fundraising processes are lacking. We love when founders experience a problem, which the Presail founders did in this case, searches for a solution and decides that they’re the ones that need to solve the problem by building a new innovative product!”

The goal of the seed round is to accelerate Presail's vision of making fundraising in Web 3.0 more user friendly, secure and compliant. The funds will be used to scale up the team, and to ensure the continued growth of our platform.

Ryan Hoover, Managing Partner, Weekend Fund: “Some of today’s most successful companies take a laborious process in a booming market and eliminate steps. Presail has quickly established itself as core infrastructure for a growing number of web3 investors, shaping the future of community-driven funding.”

Philippe Klintefelt Collet, Partner, Global Founders Capital: “Web3 investment communities may be decentralized, but their processes are neither trustless nor efficient. Presail is changing this by providing a platform handling all stakeholders and their allocations in a secure and structured way. By facilitating a more efficient investment process, Presail enables communities to invest and operate at a whole new scale.”