Plant-based meat startup New Age Meats announces $2m in seed extension prior to Series A

Plant-based meat startup New Age Meats announces $2m in seed extension prior to Series A

Published: 11-02-2021 09:39:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 230 | Tags:

New Age Meats (NAM), a cultivated and plant-based meat startup in Berkeley, CA with an initial focus on pork, announced an additional $2 million in Seed extension, adding to funds raised post-Seed announced late last year. In total, the company has raised $7 million and now turns its sights towards a Series A in the coming months.

The additional funds allow New Age Meats to continue construction of a team experienced in bringing products from inception to mass market. Hires over the last year include not just bioengineers with product development and scaling experience, but also a food team featuring key Impossible Foods alumni. NAM reports that their first products, pork sausages and dumplings, replicate the taste, aroma, and mouthfeel of conventional pork better than any product currently available.

Brian Spears, CEO, New Age Meats: "Ultimately, we will fail if our products are too expensive and low volume to be served anywhere but luxury restaurants. We've focused relentlessly on driving down the cost and scaling production of our product: hybrid cultivated and plant-based meat that doesn't sacrifice on flavor. We want to make the world a better place by making the better decisions easy. We are well on our way to bringing that vision to market after our upcoming Series A. As we continue to ramp up to market, we strategically brought on investors aligned with our short and long term growth. This round includes a very large, significant industry player in Asia who for now must remain confidential. Additionally, Peter Rahal's Litani Ventures has joined. His experience with RXBAR, from founding to exit, is invaluable as we navigate to become the largest meat company in the world."

Other investors in the round include follow-on investments from ff VC, SOSV, and Innovating Capital, as well as new investments by San Diego Tech Coast Angels, BeniVC, Oceanic Partners, Deep Ventures, and Climate Capital.