Plug and Play Canada selects 12 startups to participate in Toronto Supply Chain and Logistics Program

Plug and Play Canada selects 12 startups to participate in Toronto Supply Chain and Logistics Program

Published: 18-05-2021 13:24:26 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 5083 | Tags:

Plug and Play Canada announced the selection of 12 startups into the first batch of the Toronto Supply Chain & Logistics Program. This batch marks the launch of Plug and Play's office in Canada and the start of a new network of talented, innovative startups working in the supply chain space.

The 12 startups will participate in a 12-week program that aims to facilitate opportunities for pilots, POCs, and new relationships between the selected batch startups and Plug and Play's global ecosystem. Startups will begin the program on May 17th, which will run until Expo on July 17th. 

Mike Zayonc, Director of Supply Chain, Plug and Play: "Toronto is home to a growing hub of startups and premier companies that makes it the ideal place for the launch of Plug and Play's first Canadian office. The 12 startups of batch one all occupy unique spaces in the world of supply chain and artificial intelligence and showcase the high potential of the region. As a Canadian I'm very proud that Plug and Play is expanding into Canada. Starting our first Canadian office in Toronto is a perfect fit because the area already has a great startup ecosystem. We are excited to contribute access to our global network and to local corporations, startups, investors, and universities."

The Toronto Office officially launched in April of this year with Canada Selection Day. 

Plug and Play also welcomed its initial corporate partners for this new program. BASF Canada and Canada Post both played a large role in the successful launch of this program and Plug and Play is looking forward to having them in their corporate supply chain network as anchor partners. They also welcomed Scale AI as a community partner. Scale AI will be providing additional funding for the acceleration program, opening more opportunities to participating startups. These collaborations with such accomplished and innovative partners will serve as an excellent support system for the first batch of Toronto supply chain startups. 

The 12 startups participating in the program are: 

  • AiHello - AiHello enables e-Commerce retail brands to stock the right inventory at the right location by seasonality through geolocation and seasonality forecasting. 
  • Aquantix - Aquantix is a technology company that provides a platform to quantify and predict risks impacts on investments and assets. 
  • EAIGLE - EAIGLE is an Artificial Intelligence software company offering vision-based solutions for high-throughput crowd monitoring and occupancy data analytics specific to indoor/outdoor public places and high-foot traffic facilities. 
  • GoFor Delivers - GoFor delivers packages of all sizes, locally within three hours. Their Express, Same-Day or Scheduled on-demand service helps North American businesses of all sizes get their products into the hands of customers fast.
  • Invision AI - Invision AI uses artificial intelligence to enable edge devices to interpret the world around them by recognizing objects, tracking their movements, and identifying anomalies. 
  • Loyol - Loyol makes smart IoT devices that give HVAC contractors the ability to capture furnace error codes in real time to provide 24/7 remote monitoring and diagnostics of residential furnaces. 
  • - uses predictive analytics and their proprietary taxonomy which assimilates historical data to generate actionable insights.
  • Morpheus Network - Morpheus Network optimizes global trade using blockchain with a potential total cost savings of 10%. 
  • NuPort Robotics - NuPort's mission is to automate global supply chains using self-driving trucks, increasing sustainability through the adoption of clean transportation solutions and reducing the cost of operations for clients. 
  • Peer Ledger - Peer Ledger uses cutting edge blockchain technology to help companies protect human rights & improve environmental performance. 
  • Trusted Dispatch - Trusted Dispatch is a SAAS platform creating efficiency in the trucking industry. 
  • ZeroKey - ZeroKey works in transformational IoT sensor technology, developing wide-area, real-time, and millimeter-level 3D tracking across large spaces and buildings.