Rose Technology startup raises $5.5m seed round to change the way companies generate revenue from data

Rose Technology startup raises $5.5m seed round to change the way companies generate revenue from data

Published: 22-09-2021 16:46:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4070 | Tags:

Rose Technology, founded by data scientist and former global macro investor Alexander Campbell, raised $5.5 million to change the way data-driven companies collect, analyze, and generate revenue from data. Portage Ventures lead the round, with participation from BoxGroup and Sound Ventures, a venture capital firm founded by Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary.

Rose is an integrated, mutually reinforcing data workspace, analytics engine, and marketplace platform. Built to provide information-obsessed organizations, researchers and analysts with the ability to find and organize disparate and ever-expanding amounts of source data, Rose also allows for transforming, sharing, and monetizing this vetted and quality-controlled data in one centralized solution.

A key component of Rose is its unique "tree" structure, which provides pinpoint logic transparency for organizations and stakeholders, increasing collaboration across teams and reducing human error rates. The result is the creation of cleaned data and replicable analysis, which can be shared and used by any stakeholder in an organization's ecosystem.

Rose alleviates the significant and expensive conflicts between code and spreadsheets, while addressing the regulatory compliance requirements that force organizations to find pathways to data monetization. "We built Rose to solve a $100 billion problem: modernizing data processes," says Campbell. "Specifically, Rose helps eliminate the inefficiencies, opacity, and cost that impedes the performance of financial services companies, startups, and growth companies."

Nick Hungerford, Venture Partner, Portage Ventures: "Rose has created a remarkable solution to a problem that plagues the financial services industry: data management. The cost of finding that one critical piece of data, recording it and making it safely available to others is high in both human and financial capital. Multiply that by the millions of times this needs to be done in any given organization each day and you get a sense for the scale of the opportunity for Rose, and for Rose customers. We are excited to be supporting Alex and his team to bring their product to market and make life easier, cheaper and faster for the millions of researchers and analysts who will shave hours from mundane work which can instead be spent on driving revenue and growth."