South African gaming startup Skrmiish secures $2.5m seed round to speed growth

South African gaming startup Skrmiish secures $2.5m seed round to speed growth

Published: 17-08-2022 13:25:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4412 | Tags:

Cape Town-based Skrmiish, a mobile “play-to-earn” app that enables gamers of every level to earn cash in every match they play across the AAA+ games they love, has raised a $2.5 million seed round to speed its global growth.

Launched in 2021, Skrmiish has developed feature called MoneyMatch that allows players to earn real cash in every match they play, without having to wait for a tournament or find a peer to challenge. Live across the UK and Europe, MoneyMatch combines a traditional sportsbook approach with traditional AAA+ game play. Players get their MoneyMatch Rating (MMR) based on their performance data once they have synced Skrmiish with their game accounts.

The startup has already acquired over 100,000 players across more than a 100 jurisdictions around the globe, and is now closing its $2.5 million seed round to help it build on that. The seed funding will enable Skrmiish to accelerate scalability by integrating additional game titles, grow monthly revenue, launch in North and Latin America, and issue its Skrmiish token. It will also look to bring on a few experienced key hires to bolster the already talented team and continue to drive the company forward.

Investors in the round so far confirmed include Launch Africa Ventures, the Blockchain Founders Fund, and Stellar. Luke Grob, the CEO of Skrmiish, said these partnerships would accelerate the team’s ability to implement the Skrmiish economic value system and build a play-to-earn format for the majority of the world’s gamers. 

Luke Grob, CEO, Skrmiish: “Skrmiish will enable every gamer in the world to earn in every match they play within the games they already love. This is a revolution in the accessibility to earn while playing games and democratises the competitive esports and blockchain based gaming industries. We’re fired up to launch our new MoneyMatch feature across multiple game titles, taking the casual gamer experience to a new level of excitement that we hope will delight players around the world.”

Zachariah George, Managing Partner at Launch Africa Ventures, said the youth of the African continent – the median age of the African population is 18, versus 42 in Europe, 35 in North America, and 31 in Asia – offered a huge opportunity to innovators in the content and gaming spaces.

“A combination of having the world’s fastest growing youth population together with an exponential increase in digital skills transfer and connectivity amongst the youth, puts young Africans in pole position to be both the leading consumers and creators of content in the competitive video gaming world by 2030. The Skrmiish team are well positioned to tap into the huge market for skill-based games where we can finally see the true ‘democratisation’ and monetisation of young gaming talent,” he said.