South African tech startup raises R2.2m to scale its visitor and access management platform

South African tech startup raises R2.2m to scale its visitor and access management platform

Published: 07-12-2020 19:16:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 7820 | Tags:

South African tech startup raised R2.2 million in funding from an undisclosed impact investor to scale up and expand its visitor and access management platform. The seed fund provides capital and support to value-aligned entrepreneurs that build and scale responsible businesses with a positive impact on society.

Founded in 2020, offers advanced access and visitor management solutions aimed at large organisations who might have multiple locations. In March, the startup also launched CoronaFighter, a chatbot and web-enabled app that assists large organisations to screen and track symptoms of COVID-19 in the workforce through a simple self-monitoring process.

The platform was developed by Doctors Jarrad Van Zuydam and Rick Diesel, Paul Van Zyl of Sigma Digital and Daniel and Devon Solomon of LeadRobot. Since being launched, CoronaFighter has evolved into a fully integrated enterprise visitor and access management solution,

Jarrad Van Zuydam, Co-founder, “Large organisations require a simple and streamlined process to manage the movement of people on their premises. Instead of cumbersome paperwork or complicated app-based systems,’s visitor and access management software meets users on the apps they already use. Adhering to the strictest security and privacy standards, a ubiquitous chatbot is encrypted end-to-end ensuring minimal interference.” 

Marc Wetselaar, Managing Director, ''The startup has created the first integrated suite of compliance-based visitor and access management applications including an admissions chatbot, a QR scanning access management app and an advanced management dashboard complete with live statistics and detailed reporting capabilities. In addition, the CoronaFighter module can screen and monitor COVID-19 symptoms, and trace contact and area exposure to keep the workplace infection free.” 

Company employees, contractors and visitors can interact with the WhatsApp chatbot for authorised access to a specific area. A secure QR code will grant them right of entry to the premises and notify the relevant parties of their arrival. Furthermore, staff can book and access a workspace or meeting room, enabling organisations to easily adopt a hybrid-office model which allows employees to work from home a few days of the week.

The management dashboard tracks the flow of people in real-time, giving admin users a live view of exactly who is on the premises at all times. Access zones are adjustable to allow entry privileges for each user type. In the case of a fire or other emergency, the platform will facilitate rapid evacuation and an efficient head count ensures that all persons have exited the building.

“One of the key challenges of launching compliance software is adoption. We are taking a unique approach that combines the reach of WhatsApp and other instant messaging platforms with a highly focused product strategy providing a solution that can be rolled out to tens of thousands of multinational employees in a single day. is a comprehensive, easily integrated tool enabling organisations to control access to their premises, monitor the attendance of employees and visitors, and disseminate information seamlessly throughout their company,” added Van Zuydam. was selected as one of 10 promising African start-ups to present at the recent VC4A Africa Early Stage Investment Summit. It was successfully rolled out across eight African countries through multinationals including Barloworld, Cerebos, Dairymaid and Multichoice, among others.