South Korean animation Startup Plask releases motion capture tool to democratize 3D animation

South Korean animation Startup Plask releases motion capture tool to democratize 3D animation

Published: 30-08-2022 13:10:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 5934 | Tags:

Plask, a 3D animation startup backed by Korean internet giant Naver, Samsung C-Lab, and KT Corporation and member of the Born2Global Centre, has unveiled its namesake premium motion capture and animation SaaS tool that makes 3D animation more accessible than ever.

Carefully fine-tuned over six months of beta testing with animation production companies, entertainment studios, and game developers, Plask's newly launched MoCap Pro tier offers stable and accurate motion capture (mocap), and boasts added features such as multi-person mocap and foot locking for greater animation ability.

Compared to Plask's Freemium tier, MoCap Pro users will enjoy even faster extraction, which means shorter processing times, and can render up to 60 minutes (108,000 credits) of animation monthly. And from just $50 per month, the Pro tier is also more than two times cheaper than similar SaaS competitors. As with the Freemium tier, the MoCap Pro tool is user-friendly and easy to learn, allowing users to record, edit, and animate their projects through the browser-based tool's intuitive interface.

Smart integration of AI and camera-based mocap enables Plask's algorithms to rapidly and effectively capture 3D movement from a webcam or smartphone camera, then convert it into precise motion data that rigs a 3D model to move the same way. Plask can also convert most professional file formats into mocap animation by extracting keyframes.

Plask's cloud-based animation tool is especially valuable and relevant now as metaverse platforms, virtual avatars, gaming social networks, and Web3-based applications are being developed and adopted by companies all over the world.

Junho Lee, CEO, Plask: "Plask optimizes the motion capture and 3D animation process, liberating brands and casual to professional animators to quickly and easily create animation – simplifying a cumbersome and time-consuming multi-step process, and making animation more economical and feasible."

Among Plask's core features are auto retargeting, best-in-industry AI-based mocap performance, animation editing, collaboration tools, and project storage. Plask is currently working on more features including multi-person mocap, multi-party collaboration, and more.

Plask's animation technology can be integrated as an API solution that is fully serviced on the cloud and scalable. On top of auto retargeting and best-in-industry AI-based mocap performance, the API solution also allows clients to customize the tool for their needs. Upcoming features include real-time mocap and multi-person mocap.