[Startup Interview] Candace Knox, CEO, Fat Finger Technologies, South Africa

[Startup Interview] Candace Knox, CEO, Fat Finger Technologies, South Africa

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Fat Finger Technologies in South Africa offers an array of Information Technology services and solutions ranging from simple office networks to full cloud-hosted solutions to public facing networks with internet fail-over.  The startup’s CEO Candace Knox elaborates.

Introduce your company

Fat Finger Technologies is a dynamic team of knowledgeable individuals. A decade of experience later, we continue to take pride in old-fashioned qualities like prompt and efficient solutions, because good service never goes out of fashion! A well-maintained networked computer environment is proven to help good folks like you, become more efficient in your service delivery. We tackle each task with cost-effectiveness in mind to make sure we don't break the piggy-bank.

We have adapted to most IT environments and if we don't know, we learn, thereby adding to our experience. We offer simple office networks to full cloud-hosted solutions to public facing networks with internet fail-over. Clearly, no job is too big or small – so we've got your covered 24/7.

Even though Fat Finger Technologies had been operating and open since 2019, we decided to re-embark on our IT service provider journey.

IT infrastructure is important and should be priority for both office and at home, in this time of technology growth.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

I am the founder and CEO of the business. My previous employment role was an administrative assistant and accounts manager for Staggered Edge Solutions.

Starting as a filing clerk, progressing through the ranks to become an irreplaceable asset. This opened a door to change my path slightly. I found myself in the role as a co-managing member to Staggered Edge Solutions.That was not my field of expertise while the owner was suddenly pulled away for a year. I embraced this opportunity to expand my skill set and learned that I too could have a business of my own.

How is your company financed?

The business is self-sufficient in funding.

Why did you start Fat Finger Technologies What opportunities did you see?

I started this company, because I believe there is always a need for an "IT Guy" to advise you on the best way to tackle the set up and monitoring of your IT Infrastructure and keeping you up to date with the latest technology security and devices to run a profitable business.

What problem or problems does Fat Finger Technologies solve?

Fat Finger Technologies are able to assist customers with an array of IT service solutions.

For both the Home and Business, from purchasing hardware and software to cloud storage and much much more.

What makes Fat Finger Technologies unique?

Our company employees are hands on when assisting clientele, providing the best solutions and advice at all times. Fast response time when you need urgent assistance.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are a variety of small businesses around the surrounding areas of Johannesburg and a few overseas remote customers. We are always looking to expand

What are, in your opinion, the dynamics of that have shaped the ICT sector?

In my opinion, technology and IT infrastructure is an industry that will and more than likely is a requirement for any business to function in this time and in the future.

With more and more businesses moving online over the past few years, it is evident that one would need to ensure your security software is up to date and hardware will be compatible for what is to come.

What does Fat Finger Technologies need in order to grow?

In order for our business to grow, we would love to welcome on board some fresh new clientele. Keeping them up to date with their IT infrastructure and requirements.

What is your growth strategy?

As part of our growth strategy we have added two new service solutions to our current offer, which is Fibre to the Home and VOIP telecommunication services.

Staff are always keeping themselves up to date with the latest movement in technology, as it has become an important part of any business to function.

We have started a marketing strategy through various social media platforms to reach a bigger audience and create brand awareness, creating information about who we are and what we have to offer on a daily basis.

Which markets would you want to expand to?

I would like to see Fat Finger Technologies reach a larger international presence, however for now perhaps more recognition nationally in South Africa.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

Our main aim is to create a greater work place and opportunity for employment toward other motivated and skilled individuals to grow in this industry.

First plan of action is to employ a freelance sales person who has knowledge of the IT industry providing an opportunity for growth within our Company.

Secondly growth in clientele, in order for us to have enough financials to pursue further employment of two first line technicians and two field technician.

Should our business reach the above goals within 6 to 12 months it will be possible to provide a higher quality of efficiency in providing services to our clientele, thus creating a better brand that will be remembered.




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