[Startup Interview] Goodnews Chibuke, CEO, Dochase, Nigeria

[Startup Interview] Goodnews Chibuke, CEO, Dochase, Nigeria

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Dochase is a Nigerian data startup that assists businesses understand their markets, clientele with a view to boosting their sales and customer numbers. Goodnews Chibuke the CEO talked to Africa Business Communities about the startup’s business model.

Give us a brief introduction of your company?

Dochase is a data, targeting company that helps businesses drive sales and customer acquisition app installation on the internet. Dochase data helps businesses understand their target markets, audience demogrpahics and right channels where their audience can be reached. The dochase advertising technology helps businesses and advertising agencies to deploy manage and monitor digital advertisng campaigns and  leverages on the audience data for targeting and insights

Who are your clients?

Our clients include businesses that want to increase market share, increase sales, enter new markets, drive app instalations and increase sales. We also power the business of advertising agencies to help them deploy and manage client campaign on the internet. A business that wants to increase sales will require accurate data of the right audience for their products, where will the audience be, what approach to market will get results and what will it cost. They spend money to get the right customers and reduce wastages

What do you consider your greatest selling points?

Our data is our selling points as clients leverage on this data to optimise advertising spend and save money. We are also the leading partner for businesses that want to drive marketing objectives in emerging markets. We have got the solution that works for the local markets where internet penetration is low and cost of data is high. We sell access to emerging markets.

What is the greatest threat to your business?

Our threat is when people stop using the internet. This is not likely to happen soon. We also have regulatory signals around data, targeting and privacy but they are general threat to all technology companies.

How has the market responded to your services?

The market has been encouraging in the respose to our services. First was discovery and now we are see uptakes and favorable return patronage. Every business needs data and insights to understand how to approach their markts and deploy digital marketing so the market will welcom a company is providing that

How have customer preferences and trends shaped your business?

Different customer have different preferences and require different approach to business. Then there is the bandwagon effect and also an underlying factor thatr every busines want to get customer acquisition. A very importand fact is the value proposition of the solution. Africa, US and Europe have differenct approach to value and when we are serving such markets, the price and value have to reflect such.

What are the ambitions of the company in 2020?

In 2020, we want to deepend our market dominance, expand to new markets and increase the value we give to our clients. We have a few new products that will be launch in the coming months in 2020. Also we will do more partnerships and collaborations to achieve our goals.

Any new developments from your company?

Yes there are new products that will be launched this year. Some revolve arround helping small businesses reach and acquire customers online. Another is for more established businesses. We have various innovations for two major customer areas we address.

Who should contact you and why?

Businesses should contact us when they want to increase market share, acquire customers, expand to new markets and drive app installations. Agencies should also contact us to drive their client marketing projects on the internet, to areas where internet penetration is still low.



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