[Startup Interview] Ibrahim Abdullahi, CEO, NBE Consults, Nigeria

[Startup Interview] Ibrahim Abdullahi, CEO, NBE Consults, Nigeria

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In Africa, the use of GIS and Remote Sensing as a tool for problem solving is still in its early stages especially for location based services. Nigeria-based NBE Consults is working to change this narrative. The startup’s CEO Ibrahim Abdullahi explains.

Tell us about your company

NBE Consults based in Kaduna Nigeria is a highly valued Geo-Spatial service provider that is highly valued in the industry with provisions ranging from cartography to database and management -having the astute combinations of cost effectiveness, accuracy and reliability as well as timeliness with on-demand provisions for diverse sectors. Organizations, researchers and students enjoy a unique collection and analysis methodologies in professional capacities with use of wide range of our software tools and techniques.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

NBE Consults was founded in 2018 by Ibrahim Abdullahi. Prior to NBE Consults, he served as an Assistant Lecturer at Kaduna Polytechnic where he taught Sustainable Development and Education Technology related classes.

Hes was also the Programs Manager at Click Once ICT where they developed websites for businesses and organizations and also trained students on the use of Geographic Information System tools.

How is your NBE Consults financed?

The sources of finance include ROI for services rendered and angel investors.

What are the dynamics that have shaped the industry are in?

In Africa, the use of GIS and Remote Sensing as a tool for problem solving is still in its early stages especially for location based services. We are however changing this narrative.

Why did you start your NBE Consults? What opportunities did you see?

I saw the opportunity to bridge the gap between professionals of GIS and the need for the tools such as cartography, terrain analysis, and geospatial analysis. From pilot, I also understood that a lot of young people and companies were looking into the skills so we also worked to provide training - we still do.

What problem or problems does your company solve?

NBE Consults addresses the challenges faced by businesses, organizations, researchers and students face in designing maps, making spatial analysis and collecting, storing and processing geographical data.

What gives NBE Consults the competitive edge?

NBE Consults provides geospatial services tailored to specific needs especially with maximum time effectiveness

Who are your customers?

Students, Researchers, Businesses, Organizations and Geo-scientists.

What does NBE Consults need in order to grow?

Equipment and funding.

What is your growth strategy?

Strategic partnerships with educational institutions and value added services.

In which markets are you looking to establish your presence?

To become the leading geospatial company in Africa by 2030.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

Training staff and increasing ways through which we can deliver remotely.



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