[Startup Interview] Katlego Malatji, CEO, ProjectOne Engineering, South Africa

[Startup Interview] Katlego Malatji, CEO, ProjectOne Engineering, South Africa

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Katlego Malatji is the CEO of ProjectOne, a South African based innovative engineering consultancy company that focuses on 4IR projects in manufacturing.

Introduce your company

ProjectOne Engineering pty ltd. is an innovative engineering consultancy. We offer turnkey solutions to manufacturers and specialise in Manufacturing operational excellence and process improvement projects using industry4.0 technology and methodology. Our projects range from targeted problem solving and shop floor flow improvement to creating an IOT (internet of Things) environment assisting in managing the shop floor. Our team of engineers supports African manufacturers in meeting tomorrow’s needs by advancing as Smart Factories today and utilising technology in a sustainable way that supports job security and enables our clients to increase capacity and compete on a global scale.

Who are the founders?

Katlego Malatji, an Industrial Engineer with international experience in manufacturing and manufacturing trouble shooting and efficiency improvement. Katlego started her career in Pretoria and soon after joined an innovations team in the USA implementing Logistics AGVs and soon after moved to the UK where she specialised in manufacturing resource projects analysing manufacturing processes in depth and working on cost reduction and resource optimisation projects.

Who are the owners of the company?

I own the company myself, Katlego Malatji

Where is your company located?

Our company is located in Pretoria, South Africa

How is your company financed?

The company is Self funded by our founder

What industry does your company operate in?

It operates in the Manufacturing and Production industry

Why did you start your company? What opportunities did you see?

In the last decade offshore manufacturing has overcome some of the African manufacturers by producing larger volumes in a shorter period of time and for cheaper. The number one reason many of the offshore manufacturers are able to sustain high volume production sites is the extent to which they lean on technology in the form of machinery, data management software and even quality. There are multiple technological solutions available, I saw an opportunity for a company that uses the understands the technology and is able to select the right solution on the correct scale for each individual company and specific to the African economy and be respectful of job security, ProjectOne meets this particular need in Africa.

What problem or problems does your company solve?

We help select the correct technology and use our experience with industry4.0 technology to manage implementation projects and ensure a smooth hand over. We have experience working in the manufacturing industry and bring the two worlds of shop floor management and technology together by customising a solution the clients’ specific facility, needs and budget. We understand that is is not always the expensive nor drastic change that can greatly impact the capacity of a manufacturing factory.

What can your company do that no other company can? (What are the USPS of your company?)

ProjectOne Engineering incorporates Artificial Intelligence, Big data analysis, Digitalisation, VR for planning and interoperability into manufacturing solutions, bringing our clients forward into a the smart factory environment of the future. We solve today’s problems in a way that is sustainable for the future where smart factories and those that lean on technology will have the competitive advantage.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are the Manufacturing, Production, Logistics and Supply Chain management sectors as well as process managers.

What are the ambitions of your comany? (Geographically which countries / markets are you looking to establish your presence?

ProjectOne aims to become recognised as the consultancy of choice for industry4.0 process improvement and industrial engineering projects in the next year. We are looking to expand and take on projects outside of Gauteng manufacturers and into our neighbouring African countries. We plan to not only improve existing manufacturing facilities but to collaborate on providing a design for the optimal factory and warehouse structures.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

In the next 12 months, ProjectOne is looking to deliver excellent results for our ongoing projects and to expand create a larger business network and seek out new projects. We will be attending and participating in manufacturing trade fairs in order to better position ourselves to meet new clients who are as excited about using innovative solutions for manufacturing as we are.

What was your tutnover in 2019? And how did it grow within 2019?

We started in November 2019 and we are working on 3 projects, two of which have not been completed and another which made R8000 to design, vet and establish their logistics and supply chain for an online store (feasibility, set up and hand over).




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