[Startup Interview] Kaxton Kabogoza, Founder, Kenda Interlocking Bricks, Kenya

[Startup Interview] Kaxton Kabogoza, Founder, Kenda Interlocking Bricks, Kenya

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Kenda Interlocking Bricks is a Kenya start up in the manufacturing sector that is championing the use of eco-friendly and affordable construction materials as it seeks to bridge the housing deficit in Kenya and the East African region. Engineer Kaxton Kabogoza the founder explains.

Introduce your company

Kenda Interlocking Bricks Ltd is an Eco Friendly construction Building material manufacturers incorporated in Kenya. The company is about providing green housing solutions which are affordable, Faster and Easy to use with nature factor highly considered.

We redefine, reinvent and simplify construction with Interlocking Bricks building system, Lightweight green Concrete Wall panels, AAC Blocks and Landscaping products.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounnds?

The company was founded by Engineer Kaxton Dirisa Kabogoza and Eunice Wanjuki  Wambui.

Eng. Kabogoza has been a Mechanical and Industrial Engineer for 10 years. Mrs. Wambui is a marketing expert

How is the company financed?

From savings we pulled together. We are also sourcing out investors for partnership to be able to set up the factory and a 6 meter AAC production line with Panels.

Why did you start your Kenda Interlocking Bricks? What opportunities did you see?

Kenya and the entire East Africa region has a high growing population with high need for housing. In Kenya for example the need for affordable housing stands at 80 per cent each year which translates to high demand for construction materials specifically which are sustainable, green and affordable. This pushed us to do more research on bringing on market products which can meet the affordable, faster and easy to use products.

The global warming problem in the region is a big issue which has been occasioned by land misuse and cutting of trees to address the high housing needs. At Kenda Interlocking Bricks Ltd we promote use of eco-friendly construction materials to reduce the problems of harming the environment.

We also exist to address the growing gap for home ownership in the East Africa.

What problem or problems does Kenda Interlocking Bricks solve?

Poverty alleviation, providing affordable construction materials, providing sustainable solutions in the construction sector and regenerating the environment.

What can Kenda Interlocking Bricks do that no other company can?

The experience and technology we have makes all the difference.

We love what we do and our focus is not just making money but creating impact and changing lives of ordinary people.

Who are your customers?

We meet the needs of players in the construction sector.

What does your company need in order to grow?

We are looking for partnership and investment to be able to set up our production lines.

What is your growth strategy?

As a company we intend to bring on board most of developers in the region, contractors and institutions to embrace ecofriendly technology.

We also want to pursue intensive marketing through Digital marketing, exhibitions and carry out housing developments schemes to boost our marketing plan.

We also want to offer free trainings to construction workers to turn them into ambassadors of our brand.

In which markets are you looking to establish your presence?

We want to cover the East African region by setting up plants in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and Tanzania.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

In the coming 12 month we are looking at being able to start and finalize on the production plant. All the plans are in place we are just raising funds.



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