[Startup Interview] Marko van Kampen, Co-Founder, Just Another Network, Netherlands

[Startup Interview] Marko van Kampen, Co-Founder, Just Another Network, Netherlands

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Just Another Network is a media company for the next generation that creates, manages and distributes news, sports and entertainment in a way that is contemporary.

It has achieved this by launching our own news titles and educating a future generation of news and opinion makers. The Co-founder Marko van Kampen tells us more.

Tell us a bit about  your startup

Just Another Network is the media network for the next generation, bringing together 8 leading youth platforms (RUMAG, ParraTV, VK Mag, DailyBuzz, ComplexNL, Doelpnt, Convo, Axed) in one company, uniting the combined reach, content, talent and data. The internal agency is well positioned to deliver branded entertainment solutions that can be leveraged across the network.

Who are the founders of Just Another Network and what are their professional backgrounds?

Marko van Kampen, Ferdi Buijsrogge, Danny Membre, Fares Masharawi, Kees de Koning, Humberto Tan

The founders are all entrepreneurs with strong heritage in youth marketing, media and/or music industry.

Who are the owners of Just Another Network?

Just Another Network is part of Just Another Media Company(JAMC) which is a buy and build inititative owned by media entrepreneurs, platform owners and investors. Part of JAMC are founders Marko van Kampen (DPG Media) , Fares Masharawi (ParraTV),  Danny Membre (RUMAG) and Ferdi Buijsrogge (DGI, RUMAG). Humberto Tan (RTL) and Kees de Koning (TopNotch) are non-executive founders. Informal investors are - among others - Bert Habets (ex CEO RTL Nederland en RTL Group), Valentijn Bras (Scoupy) and Ralph de Vries (Wasteless and others)

How is Just Another Network financed?

A combination of founders and informal investors.

What are – in your opinion – the dynamics shaping the media space?

Gen Y&Z is no longer a niche audience and exists by now of 5.6M people who are not reached anymore by traditional media and advertising formats.

At the same time this generation consume more content than ever...

Why did you start Just Another Network? What opportunities did you see?

Traditional media are not able to reach and connect with younger audiences. By combining the reach, data, content en creativity of key Dutch online platforms, Just Another Network's ambition is to become the leading media network for gen Y&Z delivering brands the opportunity to connect with their younger audience segments through branded entertainment solutions at platforms where they are most...

What problem or problems does Just Another Network solve?

Delivering scaled brand solutions for gen Y&Z in the fragmented digital media landscape.

 What gives Just Another Network the competitive edge?

Reach young audiences at scale with content they love at the platforms where they are most. As a result we are able to deliver impactful branded entertainment solutions, developed by creators from the heart of youth culture and distributed with scale across the network. On top we are delivering audience insights and research opportunities for our clients based on our Just Another Network Youth Panel.

Who are your customers?

Brands and media agencies

What does Just Another Network need in order to grow?

We're a buy and build company always looking for ways to grow our network through strategic partnerships, acquisitions and licenses.

Commercially we will grow through monetizing of reach, talent creativity and data.

What is your growth strategy?

Buy and build: scale the existing platforms through synergies and extend the network by launching new titles, acquiring licenses and connecting new platforms.

In which markets are you looking to establish your presence?

Become the biggest media network for gen Y&Z in the Benelux

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

  1. Buy and build: grow our platforms and extend our network
  2. Grow our agency proposition: deliver creative and impactful brand solutions for key brands in youth culture
  3. Establish research proposition: youth panel



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