[Startup Interview] Nitin Shingote,Nilesh Shingote, Founders, PropCheckup, India

[Startup Interview] Nitin Shingote,Nilesh Shingote, Founders, PropCheckup, India

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PropCheckup is an Indian home inspection startup that has monitors over 100 property checkpoints and provides a detailed home inspection report which snags hidden issues like seepage, electrical faults, water leakage, wall dampening, carpet areas shortage and plumbing issues.

The startup founders Nitin Shingote and Mr. Nilesh Shingote elaborates.

Introduce your company

Propcheckup, a home inspection startup, is India's first Inspection company that was formed in 2012. We mainly provide 3 services to the Home Buyers/Tenants/Landlords:  Comprehensive Home Inspection, rental Home Inspection and leakage Inspection.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

The startup has two founders. Nitin Shingote and Nilesh Shingote.

Mr. Nitin Shingote is a Civil Engineer with an MBA in Project Management. He also holds a professional diploma in Real Estate Management and has over 10 years’ experience in the real estate industry. He has spent most of his time in the execution of the project.

Mr. Nilesh Shingote holds an MBA in Finance andhas worked with Moody's (MNC, Global Rating Agency) after starting his professional journey in Investment Banking Firm at Mumbai. He has more than seven years' experience in investment banking and financial services industry.

How is Propcheckup financed?

The startup is currently financed by the founders.

What are, in your opinion, the dynamics that have shaped the real estate industry?

The real estate industry is still not completely organized so penetrating into the unorganized sector with a new concept of Home Inspection in the Indian market is difficult. But slowly and gradually the market is getting aware of this and warming up to the concept of real estate servicing.

Why did you start Propcheckup? What opportunities did you see?

When Mr. Nitin was on a site, he used to get many queries relating to the quality of the ready to move property after the completion of project. So one day he toyed with the idea of a service which can resolve the buyers’ queries. After some months the idea of a startup was actualized with the goal being the inter- mediator between property developer and the buyer for quality related issues.

What problem or problems does Propcheckup solve?

Propcheckup solves the customer's problems of getting the defect free possession by inspecting the customer's house and providing the report of all defects maintained in a detailed manner along with the photos so that there is less hassle for the customer.

What gives Propcheckup the competitive edge?

Our USP in Propcheckup is that we provide the carpet area drawing in the cost of the Home Inspection, our competitors don't provide the carpet area drawings and if when they do, they do charge extra for it.

Who are your customers?

The People who buy properties or provide the house on Rent ( Landlord/Tenant)

What does Propcheckup need in order to grow?

To reach more property buyers, landlords and tenants

What is your growth strategy?

The basic strategies would be to have a Tie-up with the channel partners for Sales and simultaneously creating an awareness/necessity for Home Inspection.

In which countries are you looking to establish your presence?

Currently we are offering our services in Mumbai, Pune & Surat. But going forward we are targeting top 7 Cities. Later on based on the response and growth perspective we will take extra decisions.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

To keep working on our existing projects. We are also speaking with few channel partners to increase sales. We will be creating awareness for Home Inspection through various platforms.



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