[Startup Interview] Razia Adam, CEO, Lwandle RNS Holdings, South Africa

[Startup Interview] Razia Adam, CEO, Lwandle RNS Holdings, South Africa

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Razia Adam is the founder and CEO of Lwandle RNS Holdings, a South African mining startup that has since 2015 been providing industry players digitization processes and systems in order to enable high production rates and zero harm during mining activities.

Introduce your company

Lwandle RNS Holdings is a digital specialist offering cost effective and agile solutions to the mining industry. Our services are tailor made for each client’s affordability and providing end to end solutions

Lwandle RNS Holdings core business offering since it was started in 2015 include Technical services solutions, digitization, contract mining services, exploration, mine planning, mine design and material logistics services.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

The company was started by Miss Razia Adam holds over 13 years Mining operations and business experience ranging from Strategy, Stakeholder Relations, Supply Chain, Sustainability and Risk functions. She has been involved in various mining projects using new technologies to resolve structural geology complexities that result in high production efficiency at low cost, safety improvement, increased profits and revenue by implementing innovative ideas in mining operations.

What would you say are the dynamics that have shaped the mining industry?

A key trend in the industry is the mining complex geology using conventional methods no longer produce expected production targets due to the rates of mining and depth of the Orebodies and deposits.

Why did you start Lwandle RNS Holdings? What opportunities did you see?

Market volatility, changing global demand, radically different input economics, new locations in search of more reserves, a focus on a longer asset life-cycle and a commitment to operational excellence as well as policy shifts around the globe are all contributing to a seismic shift in the industry.

To seize the opportunity, mining companies must leverage digital tools and autonomous mining capabilities to reach new levels of performance across the mining value chain.

What problem or problems does your company solve?

Lwandle RNS Holdings in partnership with its business associates offer digital solutions for integration mining activities.

We offer mines with digitization processes and systems in order to enable high production rate and zero harm during mining activities.

What gives Lwandle RNS Holdings the competitive edge?

Our services offerings are cost effective and agile to the Mining industry. Agile is a project management framework that is founded on empiricism and adaption. Through the agile framework, a project is broken down to sizable chunks of sub-products that are delivered at the end of sprint.

A sprint is a time box of two to four weeks. At the end of the sprint, a show and tell is conducted.

A short to long-term plan needs to be in place with objectives that are focused on achievable targets and are clear for increased production, zero harm and minimized labor cost.

We implement digital solutions using the different agile methodologies for mining companies. Companies require solutions which are implemented in an end to end solutions and Lwandle RNS team is well experienced with agility. We have applied fast tracked change and innovation using scrum methodologies and other agile methodologies.

Who are your customers?

We work with mining startups, junior miners, exploration companies and established mining institutions.

What does your Lwandle RNS Holdings need in order to grow?

Capital to purchase our own automated heavy machinery. We are currently renting most of our equipment and clients for our services which is unique in mining due to us offering these services using agile methods

What is your growth strategy?

We are planning to expand the company to operate across Africa and Europe by offering end to end solutions to the mines

In which markets are you looking to expand to?

We are focusing on expanding our footprint in the broader Africa, Europe and Asia.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

We want to invest in more marketing for the company even as we source funding to boost the business.




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