[Startup Interview] Riaan Rautenbach, CEO, Live Fr8, South Africa

[Startup Interview] Riaan Rautenbach, CEO, Live Fr8, South Africa

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LIVE FR8™ is a South African startup that offers cargo suppliers and transporters improved and cheaper logistics services through cloud technology. Cargo suppliers and transporters connect directly. Transporters can find loads faster and cargo suppliers expose loads for free. Riaan Rautenbach the CEO explains.

Briefly tell us about your company

Live Fr8™ is a multinational enterprise (MNE) involved in implementing aggressive disruptive fourth industrial revolution technology which is cloud-native and functional. It is a system that promotes clear communication between parties with Africa Blockchain delivering comprehensive traceability and artificial intelligence (AI) that rewards the astute operator in terms of cargo suppliers and transporters, optimising freight and logistics management.

It is an app (new generation cloud-based) that can be operated from any smart device - tablet, laptop or i-phone, changing the physical address of role players from a geographically fixed point to a global accessibility system.

In spite of Covid-19 pandemic and a global shut-down of economies, this app has attracted more than 1200 companies within six months. Live Fr8™ has launched in 52 countries within six months and proven itself effective and reliable in this short space of time. Live Fr8™ has global intentions to be achieved within 24 months.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

Riaan Rautenbach. Riaan was was born in Mbombela, South Africa. He has experience as a Programmer, Cost and Management Accountant, Financial Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager and General Manager. Last position: General Manager Flour Mills Nigeria. During his career he managed flour milling complexes and a Hatchery. These complexes were located in five African countries. He managed in house Transport and third party Transporters to transport various consumer-, raw materials- and agriculture goods in eight African countries.

Who are the owners of the company?

The company is privately owned by shareholders.

How is Live Fr8™ financed?

Share Capital.

What are the dynamics defining the logistics space?

Logistics and Transport industries have become complex and expensive, also a huge pollution contributor. The need to improve efficiencies and profits, having less expensive and time consuming; communication, planning and empty vehicles on the roads. Vehicle pollution must be reduced.

Why did you start Live Fr8™? What opportunities did you see?

Frustrations, getting return loads, deliveries on time, whereabouts of Cargo in transit. Communication costs. Expensive programs, servers, monthly fees, broker fees and bidding platforms. Empty trip costs resulting in expensive transport rates. LIVE FR8™ offers Cargo Suppliers and Transporters improved and cheaper logistics services through cloud technology. Cargo Suppliers and Transporters connect directly. Transporters can find loads quick and Cargo Suppliers expose loads for free! They can track the loads in real-time (both Cargo Suppliers and Transporters). Rating one another will remove dishonest, corrupt, non-performing and non-competitive role players. Transparency will drive improved performance and cost effective logistics operations. With LIVE FR8™ move towards leaner administration structures, become more efficient and cost effective. Carbon emissions and other vehicle maintenance items contributing to pollution can be decreased with 30%, using LIVE FR8™, "less tires on the road".

What problem or problems does Live Fr8™ solve?

Improved communication. Find return loads easy from any point up to 300km radius, for future dates. Improved planning and vehicle optimization. Manage and control loads easy from anywhere. LIVE FR8™ is accessible from any place, on any smart device; Expose Cargo loads free. Find return loads. Monitor movement of Cargo in real-time, using little data. Less phone calls and emails to find and plan loads for vehicles. No expensive servers, software and computer equipment needed. No monthly fees, broker fees and bidding for loads.

What are the USPs of Live Fr8™?

LIVE FR™ cloud App can be accessed from any device. Transport manager/owner can manage his controllers, drivers and trucks from his LIVE FR8™ App. Cargo Suppliers manager/owner can manage his dispatch staff/personnel from his LIVE FR8™ App. Our rates are the lowest in the market to obtain loads, a few cents per kilometer. Download and use of the App is FREE. Any road freight (delivery service, courier service up to heavy haulage loads) can use LIVE FR8™ App.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are any individual or company that has Cargo to be transported by road and any individual or company that Transport road freight.

What does Live Fr8™ need in order to grow?

Marketing and Leads Generation Agents. More funds will contribute to reach International markets quicker.

What is your growth strategy?

Scaleability. Low cost. Within 6 months LIVE FR8™ is available in 52 countries.

In which countries/markets are you looking to establish your presence?

To be the worlds preferred Logistics solution.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

Effective active in 52 countries (reach critical mass). Enter India, Pakistan, California and Turkey.



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