[Startup Interview] Wayne Madhlangobe, Co-Founder, Intelius AI, Canada

[Startup Interview] Wayne Madhlangobe, Co-Founder, Intelius AI, Canada

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Intelius AI is a Canadian startup offering an array of advanced analytics consulting services across industries and assisting businesses to leverage artificial intelligence to make confident and informed decisions. The startup's co-founder and CTO Wayne Madhlangobe explains.

Briefly introduce your company

Intelius AI was founded in 2018. Its core values are responsibility, integrity, teamwork, and ethical AI practices. Intelius intends to solve real-world problems and positively impact people's lives by leveraging AI to drive innovation.

Who founded Intelius AI, and what are their professional backgrounds?

Wayne Madhlangobe and Farnoush Farnia formed the company.

Farnoush is a co-founder and CEO of Intelius AI. Farnoush resourced a startup team of exceptional talents and acquired large scale consulting contacts in data and optimization science.

She led organization revenue growth by a minimum of 300% since inception. Farnoush has demonstrated a rich history of leading and delivering large scale AI projects at Air Canada and Enbridge, leveraging her background in advanced analytics and operations research.

With strengths in AI optimization, statistical analysis, simulation, and prediction combined with her Doctorate of Philology (Ph.D.) in Industrial Engineering, Farnoush has successfully solved complex business problems under many restraints and could confidently apply her experience to many other facets of the business.

Wayne Madhlangobe is a co-founder and CTO of Intelius AI. As a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP), Wayne has demonstrated a rich history of leading large-scale AI Transformation Projects in different large organizations in North America.  

He has a background in Aviation. Started his career as an Air Traffic Controller and pivoted his skills to Big Data Analytics. He completed his doctorate in information systems (Ph.D.) and has been applying his experience in Python, predictive modeling, simulations, and optimizations in solving real-world problems such as Pipeline Leak Detection, Power Optimization, Wind Farms, predictive maintenance, and many more similar uses cases. Professional Certifications: Certified Analytics Professional (CAP), Information Technology Infrastructure Library Certification (ITIL), NAIT Project Management Certification (PMP), Private Pilot Certification with Instrument (Professional Pilot Program) (PPL), Aerodrome Control Validation (Air Traffic Control), and Air Traffic Control Certification (Bath, United Kingdom).

What would you say are the dynamics that are shaping the global information technology space?

AI is a growing market and applicable to almost any industry.

Why did you start Intelius AI? What opportunities did you see?

Intelius Analytics Ltd operates as Intelius AI and is focused on the application of artificial intelligence. Based in Calgary, Alberta, it operates two business lines: Management Consulting and AI Product Development. The i2 Trader is one of the AI modules of the in-house i2 Artificial Intelligence Platform. The Platform was created as a product development accelerator and a platform that can perceive (sense), learn, think (formulate ideas), interact, and take action.

What problem or problems does Intelius AI solve?

We aim to automate a Trader's pain-points from pre-market analysis, trading, and research in the trading module.

The i2 Trader module aims to alleviate the time-consuming nature of day trading by automating the entire day trading process and providing smart trading insights. The product will offer the following core capabilities:

What gives Intelius AI the competitive edge?

Applied AI and Custom Product Development

i2 Trader Competitive Advantage

Digitally user-friendly designed for both professionals and beginners, offering stocks trends prediction, market scanning, real-time streaming watchlist, and performing advanced detection strategies recommendations

Eliminate the emotional aspect of trading by the implementation of automated trading and leveraging smart decision models

A real autonomous trading platform that automates mundane tasks such as data processing and market monitoring is automated leveraging artificial intelligence agents and tools.

Who forms your customer base?

Any industry is looking to do a custom AI product. Our i2 Trader product is targeting professional traders in North America

What does Intelius AI need in order to grow?

We are currently developing our MVP. In 2021 we are looking for funding to go-to-market with our product.

What are the ambitions of Intelius AI?

According to our primary analysis, i2 Trader can gain at least 1% of the market share by 2023, and that represents a $30M - $50M annually of potential revenue. We do not expect to make any revenue in the first year of core development (2021).

In 2022, following the pilot and general release, our target is to generate at least $3.0M by year-end. This represents just over 2.5K subscribers to the Platform. Our target is to reach 30K subscribers by 2023 to meet our $30M revenue target.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

MVP Development and Release 1.0 by year-end.



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