[Startup Interview] Yashu Kapila, Founder, BugRaptors, India

[Startup Interview] Yashu Kapila, Founder, BugRaptors, India

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BugRaptors is an Indian-based independent quality assurance and software testing startup. It provides a highly diversified range of services varying from standard testing services, specialized testing services, to test advisory services. 

It caters to various clients, from banking and finance to eCommerce, education, energy & utilities, government projects, healthcare, insurance, media and entertainment, telecommunication, manufacturing and more. The startup’s founder and CEO Yashu Kapila explains.

Tell us about BugRaptors

BugRaptors is one of the players in the global quality assurance space and provides advanced testing solutions to clients across the globe. Established in 2016, the company aims at providing the most dynamic range of software testing and test advisory services catering to the digitalization needs of more than 10 different niches.

With its headquarters in the United States and India, the organization has its footprints established in Australia and the United Kingdom enabling it to have greater access to clients from diverse geographical locations.

BugRaptors holds the experience of smashing half a million bugs and serving so many SMEs and Fortune 500 brands on their unique quality assurance initiatives.

Be it manual testing or test automation solutions, BugRaptors offer a dynamic range of advanced testing solutions such as cloud testing, AI testing, IoT testing, etc. Besides, the organization even offers its own proprietary test automation frameworks, tools, and test device labs to simplify the entire process of testing.

Who founded BugRaptors and what are their professional backgrounds?

Originally, established as a division of Seasia Group, BugRaptors as a Quality Assurance service provider was established by Yashu Kapila, currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Yashu is a seasoned QA expert with a rich and dynamic experience of more than 16 years. Before starting as the CEO of the quality assurance firm, she built her proficiency in exploring diverse roles and responsibilities in the field of quality assurance and software testing.

Where is BugRaptors located?

BugRaptors has its test labs and headquarters established in Mohali, India. However, the company over the years has expanded to different geographical locations in order to expand its business operations. These include the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

How is it financed?

Originally, established as a part of Seasia Group, all the finances and funds came under the label of the Seasia.

What would say are the dynamics that have shaped the quality assurance industry?

Over the last few years, the need for quality assurance services has expanded a lot in order to meet the need of creating sustainable solutions and delivering technology that is made to meet the user experience goals. Besides, testing allows creating of technology that is functional, high-performing, accessible, and made to meet the compliance benchmarks for effective revenue building.

Why did you start BugRaptors? What opportunities did you see?            

BugRaptors was started with the idea of revolutionizing the digital world with quality assurance and software testing. Especially, when we are quickly progressing on mobile and web applications, we believe IT enthusiasts, development companies, and enterprise solutions all need access to testing in order to create technology with greater impact in terms of ruling the market, meeting customer expectations, and driving the ROI.

What problems does BugRaptors solve?

We are a pure-play software testing company that provides a highly diversified range of standard and specialized QA services along with test advisory support. As a Quality Assurance service provider, we help different industries to experience sustainable innovation with technology by infusing quality through testing and compliance benchmarks.

Be it a enterprise solution that need manual testing or an advanced mobile app that needs to reach the masses, we hold the proficiency to work on web testing, game testing, regression testing, and of course usability testing.

Besides, our list of specialized testing solutions include everything that tech innovators need to explore in order to create great technology. Delivering the support on automation Testing, we help organizations to innovate through Big Data Testing, Cloud Testing, ERP Testing, while sustaining compliance through Security Testing.

Moreover, to leverage high-performing solutions, we bring performance testing, Agile and DevOps Testing, Salesforce Testing, Blockchain Testing, AI & ML Testing, IoT Testing, and much more.

What gives BugRaptors the competitive edge?

Constantly delivering excellence in service, BugRaptors comes under the list of top software testing companies recommended by platforms like Good Firms, Clutch, and Software Testing Help. As far as our USPs are concerned, there are so many factors that makes our clients have all the faith they have in us today.

We always work on a client-first approach striving to maintain the highest ethical standards and flexibility in changing client priorities. More importantly, we aim to nurture partnerships for lives by fostering trust-based value with mature service models & cost-effective solutions.

Who forms your customer base?

When it comes to customers, we are catering to so many business organizations, SMEs, and Fortune 500 brands from diverse niches. Some of the verticals we serve include banking & finance, education, energy & utilities, government sector, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, media & entertainment, real estate, retail & commerce, telecommunication, and transportation.

What does BugRaptors need in order to grow? 

I believe growth is something that entirely depends on sustainable relationships with the clients as well as the team. Besides, looking at the changing dynamics of the industry, it is equally important for us to check on innovations and technologies like Automation, AI, or ML on their contribution to changing the QA operations in order to drive a more prosperous future.

What is your growth strategy? 

We believe innovative practices and technology are two key essentials to drive growth. Since we have already existing test automation frameworks and tools in place to meet and streamline the current demand for QA services, we look forward to integrate advanced methodologies, tools, and best practices to advance on our growth benchmarks.

In which markets are you looking to establish your presence?

At BugRaptors, we aim to establish it as a name synonymous to quality assurance. We look forward to disrupt every industry and business that seek innovation through web solutions or mobile applications or enterprise software technology.

As far as our expansion is concerned, we are looking forward to establishing our office in Canada while in the near future, we would aim to create landmarks in the European subcontinent in order to drive better reach, closer market knowledge, and understanding of unique client requirements.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?              

In the upcoming year, we will be looking forward to a more aggressive approach with targeting markets that are unexplored. It would include regions that have limited access to QA services or business verticals that are rapidly moving towards digitization.

Besides, we will aim to incorporate new practices and expand our team to ensure better customer service and improved efforts in terms of customer retention and serviceability.



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