Stockholm-based R-evolution launches venture capital arm to boost greentech startups

Stockholm-based R-evolution launches venture capital arm to boost greentech startups

Published: 22-09-2022 11:45:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 184 | Tags:

Hexagon AB, a global pioneer in digital reality solutions combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies, announced a new venture capital arm of R-evolution, the sustainable innovation and greentech investment subsidiary of Hexagon.

Today's climate emergencies demand urgent investments in innovative, planet-saving initiatives. It is up to all industries to decisively address the crisis while supporting economic growth and green-tech startups are a critical part of the solution. The R-ventures programme aims to help the greentech startup ecosystem accelerate its next breakthroughs through seed funding or in-kind technology from Hexagon's portfolio.

Material Mapper, a Norwegian-based company, marked the programme's inaugural investment, targeting the transition to a circular economy in the buildings sector. Material Mapper focuses on digitalising construction sites for reusable materials – ultimately connecting decommissioning projects to new construction to increase building material reusability.

While R-evolution's search for promising investment opportunities is closely aligned to its focus areas – renewable energy and storage, green hydrogen, carbon capture, plastic waste management, desalination, plant-based food, ecological monitoring, sustainable agriculture and circular economy transitions - the company welcomes all entrepreneurs with disruptive innovations to demonstrate their positive planet impact and rapid growth potential for consideration.

Ola Rollén, President and CEO, Hexagon: "Hexagon envisions 2050 to be 'the year of too late.' We started R-evolution in early 2021 to help industry transition to a sustainable global economy faster. In just over a year, R-evolution has proven it's possible to positively impact the environment while generating profitable business growth. It's now calling on entrepreneurs to tackle climate emergencies together. The direct investments in targeted green-tech startups will further ignite its ability to motivate rapid change profitably while giving back to the planet."

Considerations for R-ventures monetary investments or in-kind technology require greentech startups to be in the pre-IPO funding stage, with an identified product and initial customer base. Seed investments typically range between €50k to €500k. Additionally, R-evolution invites partners, private investors, accelerators, governments, and universities to increase visibility and outreach to startups.