Swiftarc Venture invests in music creation innovator, Artiphon

Swiftarc Venture invests in music creation innovator, Artiphon

Published: 16-02-2021 11:02:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 224 | Tags:

Swiftarc Venture Labs has completed an investment in Nashville-based Artiphon, a consumer electronics company pioneering the future of music creation. As true innovators in the space, Artiphon designs interactive musical experiences by combining smart hardware and interactive content. The hardware maker is known for its music-making gadgets that are democratizing access for the musically curious.

Fabian Urquijo, President, Swiftarc Ventures: "This investment reflects Swiftarc's high conviction in forward-thinking innovation as we look forward to partnering with Artiphon's talented team to continue their meaningful pursuit of making music creation accessible to all."

INSTRUMENT 1 and Orba, their first two smart instruments, launched with record-setting success on Kickstarter, both raising $1 million+ in pre-orders. The company has also raised capital from AOL co-founder Steve Case and Warner Music Group. The Artiphon team is composed of designers, musicians, and engineers from groundbreaking companies including Space X, Blue Origin, Line 6, and Yamaha. The INSTRUMENT 1 was named a TIME Best Invention of the Year and a NAMM Best in Show.

Mike Butera, Founder and CEO, Artiphon: "We're pleased to have the support of Swiftarc Ventures at such a key moment in Artiphon's progress. We believe their expertise in music culture, consumer brands, and company growth can bring great things to our mission of inspiring everyday creativity with sound."

Mike Butera founded Artiphon in 2011 and holds a Ph.D. in Sound Studies from Virginia Tech University. He has toured the country as a multi-instrumentalist, taught as a professor of sociology, and consulted globally on consumer electronics. Dr. Butera's doctoral research in the phenomenology of listening laid the groundwork for Artiphon's design philosophy and patents, and he frequently speaks on topics of music technology and augmented creativity. Artiphon's primary goal is to enable a world where everyone can be musical through its radically accessible music-making devices.

Sid Jawahar, Founder and Managing Partner, Swiftarc Ventures: "It's a pleasure to join an illustrious list of investors including Warner Music and a strong network of Nashville-based investors with close links to the music industry that have partnered in Artiphon's growth."