TDK Ventures invests in climatetech startup Divirod to advance prediction of water-related catastrophes

TDK Ventures invests in climatetech startup Divirod to advance prediction of water-related catastrophes

Published: 03-03-2022 12:02:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 2268 | Tags:

TDK Corporation announced that subsidiary TDK Ventures, invested in Boulder, CO-based climate-tech startup Divirod. Their sensor solution enables high-accuracy risk assessment of water levels to help predict and prepare for water-related catastrophes.

Divirod's global sensor network leverages satellite input to generate analytics that provide decision makers, emergency services personnel, and insurers the real-time information they need to mitigate loss of life and high costs inflicted by such catastrophes. This is in fundamental alignment with TDK Ventures' digital transformation and sustainability tenets, and a key reason as to why it has partnered with Divirod to accelerate its data-as-a-service ("DaaS") model to market.  

One of the best tools humanity can use to combat climate catastrophes is data; however, state-of-the-art predictive tools, such as weather forecasts, are limited. Weather predictions and forecasts lack high frequency and the validation of high-resolution "ground truth" (i.e., they have limited sensor input). Water-data sources are clearly sparse, antiquated, hardly ever in real time, and difficult to scale over a large area.

Javier Marti, CEO, Divirod: "It has become obvious that we can no longer afford to depend on outdated, sparse, and disparate monitoring networks to protect and warn our communities of the dangers of impending water disasters like floods. The only way to mitigate the dangers and huge economic losses from water risks anywhere in the world is by understanding, anticipating, and planning for the unforeseen effects of extreme environmental water-risk events."

Since recognizing these water risks in 2016, Divirod has designed a global radar system utilizing a satellite reflectometry technique that uses an advanced, proprietary sensor system to capture signals from satellites that bounce off the ground, creating a unique signature that correlates to characteristics of water on the surface.

Divirod's cloud-based software interprets these reflections to generate hydrological models and 3D maps of the surfaces of water, snow, or soil moisture content, enabling it to monitor the possibility of impending catastrophes. A network of these sensors has already been installed around the globe; all of which work together to provide real-time data and resolutions never before seen.

Nicolas Sauvage, President, TDK Ventures: "Divirod is an incredible solution to a very dire social-equity gap. Flood risks and climate dangers affect hundreds of thousands and even millions of individuals every year. Divirod has found a revolutionary way to enter the digital age for a sustainable benefit that can save lives with unit economics that will ensure ubiquitous coverage around the world. TDK Ventures is excited to partner with them and is determined to help Divirod accelerate its growth in any manner we can. The end results will be good for all of humanity, and that is exactly the kind of TDK Goodness we aim for."

Divirod is already partnering with industry giants such as Deutsche Telekom, Thales, Global Omnium, with TDK Ventures joining as an early partner and a $1 million investment. Several businesses and municipalities are trusting Divirod to monitor their properties, shorelines, and reservoirs. The company plans to extend its services to smart irrigation and insurance industries in the near future. Early investors in Divirod continue to be enthusiastic about the company's prospects.

Aaron Fyke, Founder and Managing Partner, Thin Line Capital: "Our mission is to invest in outstanding entrepreneurs addressing the tremendous challenges and opportunities we are facing due to climate change. We are thrilled to have a global investor of the caliber of TDK Ventures join us on this journey."