Taiwanese startup PrecisemAb announces progress towards vision of safest antibody treatment with no side effects

Taiwanese startup PrecisemAb announces progress towards vision of safest antibody treatment with no side effects

Published: 02-08-2022 13:12:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 312 | Tags:

PrecisemAb Biotech, a biotechnology research company based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, announced it has continued to stay true to its vision of enhancing antibody drugs by reducing side effects, through the patented Universal Antibody Lock technology. Patients are provided with the safest possible therapy thanks to the conditionally activated antibody treatment, PrecisemAb will participate in person at US bio 2022.

This transformational way of developing treatments will ensure that affected patients do not risk further aggravating their medical conditions. PrecisemAb copies parts of the antibody structure but not entirely to produce drugs that can eliminate as many side effects as possible, resulting in more refined antibody treatment to save lives.

Cheng Tian-Lu, Chief Scientist, PrecisemAb: "After spending more than 20 years in the industry, the need for a safer patient antibody treatment has never been greater. I hope our technology can reduce antibody side effects and improve medicine for all." Cheng is also the inventor of the Universal Antibody Lock technology.

Led by Professor Cheng Tian-Lu and CEO, Lu Yun-Chi, the recently set up firm had previously completed a $1.6 million seed round of funding and is one to watch in the flourishing biotechnology space. Recognizing the need to create better forms of treatment for patients, PrecisemAb aims to minimize adverse side effects with better antibody solutions that can target affected areas more accurately.

The Universal Antibody Lock technology has already been patented in 15 countries, including both the United States and China, and the company will continue to expand its intellectual property rights worldwide. With support from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the increased exposure, opportunities, and support from MOST enable growing startups such as PrecisemAb to compete on the global stage, better the lives of many that require such specialized help, and inform the world of scientific breakthroughs like the Universal Antibody Lock technology.

PrecisemAb will strive to continue its worthwhile work in the biotech space and create the safest antibody treatment for patients in the years to come.