Tech startup Mokusei offers 100% funding aid for individuals to cover their education and travel expenses

Tech startup Mokusei offers 100% funding aid for individuals to cover their education and travel expenses

Published: 04-03-2021 12:14:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 839 | Tags:

Incorporated on 17 Feb 2021, Mokusei Intelligence (Mokusei), is a social impact & education centric tech startup focused on developing AI/ML based algorithms and solutions aimed to address, resolve, and impact some of the most pressing problems of the internet & digital age including (and not limited to) social challenges like education inequity, legal aid & justice dispensation, free & fair journalism, socio-cultural rifts & divide, political reforms & systemic change among others.

The Company received a formal 'Startup' Recognition Status from the Government of India on 25 February 2021. Mokusei is currently building a dedicated mobile-focused digital online remote assessment app platform, that detects cheating & unethical practices by students.

Mokusei is reaching out to people all across the world with an open invitation to help Mokusei test its software for data generation and algorithm development via its newly launched website, In a bid to develop its anti-cheating technology and AI/ML algorithms, Mokusei is offering up to 100% funding, sponsorship, or financial aid to fund-seekers for covering their education or travel expenses in exchange for real-time exam behavior data generated by these users from tests conducted on the company's platform.

'Fund Seekers' can be from any country, region, geography, or nationality of the world. Mokusei welcomes everybody to become a part of its Tribe. Age, Gender, Religion, Nationality, Race are NO BAR. Mokusei does not discriminate. The Company might be incorporated and established in India but it caters to citizens and nationals from all over the world. Foreign Nationals and Non-Resident Indians may also join the Mokusei Tribe to help develop its software to seek funding for covering their education or travel expenses.  

Interested 'Fund Seekers' who fill-up the form available on the here page of the website before 30 April 2021 to indicate and express their interest in helping Mokusei, will have exclusive benefits rolled out to them in the future as the company grows and evolves further.

This financial aid or support that Mokusei intends to provide is not a loan and does not have to be returned. This opportunity is especially useful for students, young graduates, and individuals who seek funding to cover their education expenses or who wish to travel and see the world.