Travel blockchain startup files CO2 & flight safety patents

Travel blockchain startup files CO2 & flight safety patents

Published: 12-05-2021 11:40:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 892 | Tags:

Silicon Valley travel blockchain startup reinventing travel solutions for today's tech savvy traveler, leveraging AI & Blockchain based innovation that will disrupt status quo and improve the traveler experience.

travelBloc is a green SaaS Travel Marketplace that is integrating Travel & Hospitality providers with direct API access, bringing buyers and suppliers together using SMART contracts, eliminating the cost of distribution, adding value using the SMART profiles.

Steve Sedgwick, Co-founder, "Using AWS Cloud and Ethereum based Blockchain technologies eliminates the cost of the infrastructure required to create the NextGen distribution and procurement models.Status quo processing, procurement, distribution, built around legacy distribution systems & intermediaries is no longer fiscally responsible. The Travel & Hospitality industry continues to absorb billions in long term debt that is not sustainable. Many Travel & Hospitality suppliers are looking for alternate distribution channels, free of commissions, overrides, and distribution fees and driving initiatives that can decrease costs and add value to their best customers."

SafeIQ (patent pending) searches for flights for the safest seat on the aircraft (according to CDC health guidelines) based on the SMART profile integration, flight search will notify a traveler up to 3 hours prior to departure on Safe flight options. Pollution IQ (patent pending) measures company and individual CO2 emissions and provides dashboard, analytics and predictive models. SMART contracts are used to allow companies to offset their usage by agreeing to plant trees based on calculations of their CO2 footprint.

Many companies will opt in to publicize their green travel initiatives, have their data measured and published. The data indicator is helpful for employee recruiting, customer goodwill, and potential Federal Tax credits.