U.S. fintech startup Robinhood closes $200m in Series G funding

U.S. fintech startup Robinhood closes $200m in Series G funding

Published: 18-08-2020 14:49:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 5096 | Tags:

U.S. fintech startup Robinhood announced a $200 million Series G funding at an $11.2 billion valuation from D1 Capital Partners. For seven years, the team at Robinhood has been focused on enabling more access to the markets for more people. With this funding, the company will continue to invest in improving its core product and customer experience

Robinhood is inspired by the ways people are using its platform to learn more about the markets. The last several months, in particular, have demonstrated that participation in the markets can be powerful for people. We’re also seeing that our customers are using this time to educate and inform themselves.

Over time, the stock market can be an important wealth creation tool. Equally important to access is education, particularly in volatile market conditions, which is why Robinhood offers resources to help people stay informed. 

Robinhood has evidence that people are taking time to learn more about the markets, with average unique daily visits to its Learn resources being up more than 250% since January. The company has published more than 650 articles on Learn, which provides easily digestible information on the basics of investing, market trends, and financial terms.

Robinhood has empowered millions of people to invest and participate in the U.S. financial system. To ensure it continues to meet our customers’ needs, Robinhood is hiring hundreds of new registered financial services representatives this year in Southlake, Texas, and Tempe, Arizona. Across all of its locations, Robinhood is adding new team members to help it reduce response times, build more self-service tools, and enhance its informational and educational tools.

Robinhood believes investing at its core is a democratic concept; it allows people to take part in the success of a company or sector they believe in. With this latest round of funding, the company will continue empowering people in their financial lives and enabling a more democratic financial system.